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16 oktober 2011

Occupy wall street og Occupy Denmark

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Australien: Statsfinansieret islamisering

Når en fremgangsrig egypter skriver sådan – da er der ingen håb!

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Cherif El-Ayouty og Hans Erling Jensen – Eticha him self – i de dage, hvor alting (det meste i alle fald) var positivt!

Many countries throughout human history have been destroyed by one mean or another. It could have been nature, it could have been wars, it could have been famine, it could have been economic ruin but I have experienced first hand a country that has been destroyed systematically by persons who appear to have graduated from universities in which their Ph.D’s were all based on the science of country destruction.

For 60 years, the leaders of Egypt have managed to turn around a perfectly healthy country on all fronts, into a country with no future, no money, no principles, no values, no religion, no law, no order, no industry, no health, no education, no knowledge, no social fabric, no morals, no intelligence, no leadership, no hygiene, no vision, no weight, no planning, no organisation, no character, no beauty, no taste, no freedom, no justice and no hope.

Egypt is dying and the fanatic dogs are eating it alive.

My Egypt does not exist anymore


Her er YouTube interviewet fra dengang: http://www.youtube.com/user/EtichaFilm?blend=1&ob=5#p/u/0/mIyboVG8oD8