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13 oktober 2011

Nigel Farage: EUSSR’s sindssyge politik

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Typisk Occupy Wall Street deltager: Antisemisk hvidt fjols

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Kristne forfølges i hele den muslimske verden

Pakistan: Faryal Bhatti en kristen skolepige anklages for blasfemi på grund af stavefejl i en opgave.

Bhatti’s case is the latest in a string of incidents that highlight the growing influence of radical Islamists in Pakistan, and it also serves as a reminder of the government’s frequent inability or unwillingness to curb them.

“We live in dangerous times,” one Lahore-based scholar told the Star recently. “The threat of someone accusing you of blasphemy is like the Salem witch trials. They kill you first and ask if you’re guilty later.”

In January, Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab state, was assassinated by his bodyguard — shot 27 times in the back — after Taseer promised to repeal or at least tone down the country’s blasphemy laws.

His killer, a police officer named Mumtaz Qadri, was recently sentenced to death by hanging. “My dream has come true,” Qadri reportedly said with a smile as the verdict was announced.

He took time to thank his judge, who, immediately after reading the verdict, took an indefinite leave of absence from his position and went into hiding.

That may sound like a good plan to the 13-year-old Bhatti.

Egypt Destroying Churches, One At a Time

Egypt’s Silhouette of Fire

Why Did Egypt’s Army Violently Suppress Christian Protesters?

Helle Thornings sejerssang

Mette Frederiksen begår løftebrud

Latma TV

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Multikutikulturalisme, tolerance og Fredens Religion

Riyadh: Colombian footballer arrested over tattoo of Christ’s face.

Juan Pablo Pino was detained by religious police, for wearing a sleeveless shirt in a mall that revealed a tattoo of Jesus on his arm. He palys in the An-Nasr team. His coach before the game:

“I can not make the sign of the cross, they would kill me.”


In September El Comercio, a newspaper in Lima, published an interview with Gustavo Costas about his new life (previously he coached the team Alianza Lim). In Lima he made the sign of the cross before every game, and wore a rosary around his neck.

“Now I can not do this in public, I do it in the locker room. If I made the sign of the cross, they would kill me, stone me, “

said Costas. Last year, the Romanian player Mirel Radoi, from the club Al-Hilal (the crescent) kissed the cross tattoo on his arm after scoring a goal. The episode scandalised Muslims.

Hvorfor tolererer vi intolerancen? Hvornår begynder vi at stille samme krav til islam,l som islam stiller til os?

For hver moske i Vesten kræver vi en/et kirke/synagoge/hinduistisk/buddhistisk tempel i de muslimske lande.

Den sidste Bolero i Hafniabad…

Sjællands Symfoniorkester gav afskeds-flash-mob på Hovedbanegården.

Mohammedanmark har fået en ny kulturberigelsesminister. Første punkt på programmet er afskaffelse – eller moské forbud? – mod klassisk musik. Meget symbolsk befinder vi os her i afgangshallen: vidste orkestret hvad der ventede dem…?

Gad vide om orkestrets kulturfremmede – ja, racistiske – optræden kan tilskrives undertegnedes knapt så behøvlede musikalske betragtninger om samme jernbanestation…?

De ægyptiske myndigheder svindler med de døde kopteres dødsattester

A funeral service presided by Pope Shenouda III was held for the Copts killed in Maspero “October 9 Military Massacre.”, at 11 AM at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Abbasiya, Cairo, and was attended by over 10,000 Copts.

The funeral was for five Copts only, as the rest of the victims are awaiting for autopsies, on the advice of Coptic lawyers.

“This is to safeguard the rights of the dead,” said attorney Dr. Ehab Ramzy, “otherwise the families could lose their case. We need proof.”

After the funeral, while still inside the Cathedral, the enraged Copts chanted “down with the junta rule and down with Tantawi.”

According to priests and Coptic lawyers who were present at the Coptic Hospital, where the victims were brought, the death certificates issued by the authorities were misleading and did not reflect the true cause of death, which might let the assailants get away with the crime. Certificates showed the cause of death as being “stab wounds” and “cardiac arrest caused by fear.”

The families insisted on having the autopsies done, which were carried out on 17 bodies lying in the Coptic hospital. Independent doctors observed those who came from the Public Morgue to carry out the autopsies.

Dr. Maged Lewis, a director at the Forensic Medicine Institute, commented that he had never seen corpses in this deplorable state before.

“Bodies were mashed and bones were crushed; many had fractures and laceration of the intestines; while in others, death was caused by gun shots.”

Eyewitnesses reported the army disposed of nine bodies by throwing them in the Nile. Two bodies remain unidentified, making the number of killed uncertain.

On their way back after the burial the mourners were attacked by armed thugs who blocked the way and hurled Molotov cocktails at them; gun shots were heard. They sought shelter and called the army emergency phone line for help, they waited until the morning but no one came.

Det er rystende at se Verdenssamfundets holdning til massakren i Ægypten. Hvordan ville medierne reagere, hvis muslimer i et kristent land blev behandlet på samme måde som de kristne koptere i Ægypten? Hykleriet er totalt.

Læs også om enden på det ægyptiske forår.

Bibelselskabet udgiver Profetkort

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Lær Bibelen at kende gennem et underholdende kortspil.

Kan købes hos Bibelselskabet fra oktober.