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23 august 2011

Jo da, de findes…

Undertiden har pressen ret: der findes moderate muslimer. Men samme presse vil ikke have noget med dem at gøre.

Et ofte læst spørgsmål i den blogosfære, der er opstået som følge af the lame street media‘s uredelighed er, om der findes moderate muslimer. Betegnelsens selvmodsigen til trods kan man da stundom møde enkelte sådanne, men meget, meget sjældent nogen, der tør stå frem. Forståeligt nok. Ikke desto mindre er det et stående mantra hos politikere og medlemmer af “Journalistisk Venstreparti” – siden den 22. juli bedre kendt som “Dansk Ligskændingsforening” – at “langt de fleste muslimer er moderate”.  Åbenbart så moderate, at foreningens medlemmer ikke kan hitte bare et par stykker. Og skulle en enkelt driste sig til at stikke næsen frem, så kan vedkommende spare sig ulejligheden. Lidt bedre er det down under, hvor den politiske korrekthed har det svært med den tradition for frisprog som kendetegner de lokale sheilas & blokes…Egtvedpigen vil falde fint til her…

Sydney Morning Herald: “British campaigner battles media’s cone of silence on sharia law. In Britain, Maryam Namazie’s campaign against sharia law has earned her plenty of hate mail. But what really bothers her is the silence of parts of the media and the inaction by the British government over what she says are sharia’s attacks on the fundamental rights of Britain’s Muslim citizens. Her group, One Law for All, has been fighting since 2008 to stop what she describes as the rise of political Islamism in Britain. She is in Australia for a week-long speaking tour in the hope of helping ensure this country learns from the mistakes of Britain, where sharia tribunals enjoy a form of legal recognition in family law. – “You are facing quite a lot of similar issues in Australia. It might not be as entrenched as it is in Britain, but you can see a lot of similarities,” Ms Namazie said. Her arrival comes soon after Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, called for Australia to “compromise with Islam” and introduce “legal pluralism”. After a backlash within the Muslim community, Mr Patel backed down, saying it had been a mistake to mention sharia law and legal pluralism.

Ms Namazie, who is an Iranian exile, said any form of legal accommodation with sharia “is like trying to incorporate apartheid into a non-racist system of law — they are simply incompatible”. As a long-term British resident, Ms Namazie’s views on the rise of Islamism are based on direct experience. Her group, One Law for All, was responsible for founding another group known as the Ex-Muslims of Britain. She is also on the central committee of Iran’s Worker-communist Party, which opposes the Tehran government. As well as the hate mail, One Law for All has gathered 28,000 members, many of them Muslims who she says have moved to Britain to escape authoritarian rule. Yet she says her message is frequently ignored by some British newspapers and broadcasters. – “A lot of the media that is considered liberal does not want to touch it because it is seen to be racist.” As a result, she says parts of the British media have inaccurately been portraying the fight to stop sharia as a dispute between two extremes: right-wing racists and Islamists who wrongly assert that sharia is demanded by all Muslims. “Human rights are not Western — they are universal. Can we please just have the same rights, thank you very much,” Ms Namazie said.”

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