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16 august 2011

General Patton – befrieren af Bastogne – er i live

Kedsomhedens ta’ selv bord og hvordan man behandler kedsomheden

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SHOCKING footage shows a looter dragging a learner driver off his scooter during last week’s riots — before another thug makes off with it.

A hooded yob chases after the rider, grabs him by the neck and pulls him to the ground as he tries to weave his way through the chaos-hit streets of Croydon, South London.


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Om muslimers og mediernes historieløshed og – især – mangel på humor.

Da de nazisitiske hære i 1944 havde omringet amerikanerne i den lille by Bastogne i Ardennerne, mente de at General McAuliffe burde overgive sig. Han sendte sit svar tilbage med blot et enkelt ord: “NUTS”.

Da den islamiske jihad-dækorganisation CAIR i Florida havde opsnuset, at Congressman Allen West omgikkes sådan nogen som os og forlangte en undskyldning, svarede han med et enkelt ord: “NUTS”. 

Det karakteristiske ved den lille historie om vor helt, Allen West, er at ingen – INGEN – havde nogen anelse om, hvad der dog kunne få den pæne kongresmand til at svare på denne måde…. “says it all”…

Hvordan en 12-årig kristen pige blev kidnappet, slået og voldtaget af muslimer

Global opvarmning i New Zealand

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Forecasters are describing it as a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Snowflakes have been falling in the New Zealand capital Wellington, second city of Christchurch and several other areas. Christchurch rarely gets snow, the few inches that fell on Sunday and Monday is the most in at least 30 years. Services across the country were disrupted on Monday by the snow showers, which were accompanied by heavy rain and high winds.

Unge der keder sig går i selvbetjeningsbutikken – politiet er ikke interesseret

Police Let Flash Mob Loot 7-11

A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting.

Det som speakeren ville have sagt, men som er forbudt at sige, var:

“As many as three dozen people, all of them black youths, sometimes referred to as African-American youths, ROBBED a 7-11 in Germantown last night. The local police declined to keep the surveillance tape, fearing being called ‘racists’ if they investigated the CRIME.”

Australien: Nej tak til klimaskat

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Folketinget afholder alligevel “reception” for Fredens Religion™

Dasbladet Samarbejds-Politiken kundgør i ekstase: “Trods protester og administrative udfordringer vil det omstridte ramadan-arrangement alligevel finde sted i Folketinget inden længe. Efter at have modtaget en ny ansøgning har Folketinget nu godkendt arrangementet, der skal finde sted i tingets Fællessal senere på måneden.

Det oplyser folketingspolitikeren Hüseyin Arac (S), som står bag projektet. »Jeg er meget glad for, at det lykkedes at få arrangementet på plads. I denne tid har vi mere end nogensinde brug for at samles og tale om tingene på tværs af religion og partifarve«, udtaler Hüseyin Arac.

Det bliver ikke nogen middag
Der bliver dog ikke tale om en ‘ramadanmiddag’ som først proklameret, men snarere en ‘ramadan-reception og debataften’, fortæller Hüseyin Arac. Men uanset overskriftet på mødet vil indholdet være det samme, fastholder han. Receptionen afholdes i anledning af den muslimske fastemåned, ramadanen, og der vil der være oplæg om integration og forholdene i Mellemøsten. Ifølge Hüseyin Arac finder Ramadan-mødet sted 22. august i Folketingets Fællessal.”

Som det fremgår af vedlagte resultat-tavle fra “The Religion of Peace” er der endnu plads til forbedringer, idet “receptionen” først afholdes den 22. august. Herfra vil vi blot ønske de deltagende folketingslemmer god appetit: RAMADAN MUBARAK!

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2011.08.15 Iraq Najaf 7 58 Seven Shias are left dead after a brutal bombing by Sunni militants.
2011.08.15 Yemen al-Jouf 14 5 An al-Qaeda suicide attack leaves fourteen Shiite tribesmen dead.
2011.08.15 Iraq Tikrit 6 10 Suicide bombers send six Iraqis to Allah.
2011.08.15 Iraq Kut 40 77 Over three dozen shoppers at a market are snuffed out by al-Qaeda bombers.
2011.08.14 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 0 33 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber injures at least thirty-three people, including foreigners.
2011.08.13 Afghanistan Charikar 22 34 Five Fedayeen stage a suicide assault on a government compound, shooting and blasting at least twenty-two others to death.
2011.08.13 Dagestan Boatshyurt 4 0 Four victims of Muslim ‘insurgents’ are found bound and shot to death.
2011.08.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.08.13 Afghanistan Helmand 5 0 Three women are among five civilians taken apart by a Taliban bomb.
2011.08.12 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Terrorists bomb a cafe, killing two Iraqis.
2011.08.12 Pakistan Peshawar 3 3 Three guards escorting prisoners for medical attention are cut down by Taliban gunmen.
2011.08.12 Dagestan Kurush 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Muslim ‘separatists’ wielding machine-guns.
2011.08.12 Nigeria Ngala 1 0 A 65-year-old cleric is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2011.08.12 Afghanistan Wardak 8 0 Eight local security personnel are abducted and murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.08.12 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 0 Two policemen standing outside a mosque are murdered by angry Muslims.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Peshawar 6 17 A child is among six innocents blown to bits by Islamist bombers.
2011.08.11 Iraq Ramadi 3 24 ‘Insurgents’ kill three Iraqis in their home with two bombs.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Tirah Valley 5 1 Three women and two children are dismantled by a militant bomb attack on their home.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 20 A female Shahid suicide bomber tosses grenades before detonating, killing another woman.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Chapperi 2 0 Two tribesmen are shot to death by terrorists.
2011.08.10 Pakistan Shadman 1 0 The caretaker of a shrine is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2011.08.09 Afghanistan Bala Bulok 4 0 Four civilians are kidnapped and beheaded by Sunni hardliners.
2011.08.09 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 52-year-old man is shot several times in the head and chest by ‘insurgents’.
2011.08.09 Afghanistan Dehrawod 5 1 Taliban bombers take down five Afghans at a crowded marrket.
2011.08.09 Dagestan Kadar 1 0 A policeman is murdered on the doorstep of his home by Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2011.08.09 Pakistan Manshera 1 0 Islamic radicals shoot a tribesman to death.
2011.08.08 Egypt Minya 1 1 A Christian farmer has his throats slit in front of his son by a Muslim mob, who attack Christian homes and also severely beat a
2011.08.08 Iraq Mosul 4 1 A child and woman are among the dead victims of two Jihad bombings.
2011.08.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A teacher is shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.08.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram cadres assassinate a prison comptroller.
2011.08.07 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 2 A father and son are taken out by a Jihad bomb attack on their home.
2011.08.07 Iraq Iskandariyah 6 14 Two children are among six family members bleeding to death following a bombing of their home.
2011.08.07 Pakistan Shalobar 2 0 Two tribesmen are executed by religious extremists.
2011.08.06 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shias are gunned down in separate sectarian attacks.
2011.08.06 Pakistan Mohmand 1 0 A suicide bomber kills an innocent person at a market.
2011.08.06 Pakistan Drigh Road 1 0 A Catholic man with children is the victim of a targeted killing.
2011.08.06 Iraq Ramadi 2 7 Terrorists target a sports stadium with coordinated blasts, killing two Iraqis.
2011.08.06 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A shopowner and his son are shot to death by Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2011.08.05 Pakistan Adezai 1 0 Islamists drag an infidel out of a mosque and execute him.
2011.08.05 Iraq Khalis 3 2 A sectarian mortar attack leaves three Iraqis dead.
2011.08.05 Thailand Pattani 3 1 Three Buddhists are shot point blank by Muslim radicals.
2011.08.04 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 38-year-old man is shot to death by Jihadi gunmen.
2011.08.04 Ingushetia Nazran 2 2 Islamic militants shoot two police officers to death as they are sitting in their car.
2011.08.04 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 Two civilians bleed to death following a Taliban bomb attack.
2011.08.04 Pakistan Kukikhel 1 0 A passerby is caught in the cross-fire when two Islamist groups clash at a market.
2011.08.04 Iraq Baghdad 1 13 Holy Warriors take down a child with a car bomb.
2011.08.04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Muslim terrorists are suspected of murdering a married couple driving home from their job as laborers.
2011.08.04 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 3 Three young girls are among the casualites of a Taliban car bomb.
2011.08.03 Somalia Sar-Kuusta 4 8 Four people lose their lives to an al-Shabaab attack.
2011.08.03 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist teacher is shot twice in the head by warriors of Islam.
2011.08.03 Iraq Rasala 4 14 Four Iraqis are killed when fundamentalists bomb a liquor store.
2011.08.03 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 Sunni bombmakers take down a child and two others.
2011.08.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Holy warriors stab an army officer to death in his home.
2011.08.03 Iraq Ramadi 9 13 A brutal double bomb attack in a commercial district leaves nine dead.
2011.08.03 Pakistan Darra Adamkhel 1 7 One person is killed when Islamic militants send dozens of mortar shells into a village.
2011.08.02 Philippines Cotabato 2 9 A 7-year-old child is among two killed by a Jemaah Islamiyah bomb blast.
2011.08.02 Afghanistan Kunduz 4 10 Four are killed when Muslim extremists stage a Shahid attack on a guesthouse used by foreigners.
2011.08.02 Iraq Kirkuk 0 23 Two dozen are injured when radicals bomb a Catholic church.
2011.08.02 Dagestan Buynaksk 2 1 An Islamist bomb attack leaves two dead.
2011.08.02 Pakistan South Waziristan 4 1 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants kill four local soldiers in two ambushes.
2011.08.02 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 16 A liquor store is among the targets of two separate bombings in which two people are killed.
2011.08.01 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 2 A prayer leader is shot and killed by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.08.01 Pakistan Munda 3 0 Three civilians are cut down by Mujahid gunmen while gathering wood.
2011.08.01 Iraq Baghdad 0 1 Terrorists wound two children with a sticky bomb.
2011.08.01 Afghanistan Nimroz 3 3 Three Afghans are dismantled by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.08.01 Pakistan Atariwal 1 1 A woman dies from injuries when Taliban militants fire a rocket into her home.
2011.08.01 Pakistan Quetta 2 3 al-Qaeda militants are suspected of planting a bomb at a garbage dump that leaves two children dead.
2011.08.01 Somalia Mogadishu 2 5 Two African peacekeepers are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.

Redox anmeldt til politiet

Når der er tale om oplysninger om politisk tilhørsforhold, som ikke er offentligt kendt, så er rammerne efter persondataloven ganske snævre.

Datatilsynet anmelder sagen som et brud på reglerne om offentliggørelse af følsomme oplysninger om politisk tilhørsforhold, siger direktør i Datatilsynet Janni Christoffersen.

Men Redox’ offentliggørelse af disse navne og oplysninger udgør i sig selv en ulovlig politisk registrering. Selvom registreringen foregår i journalistisk øjemed. Det mener en forsker i persondataret og ytringsfrihed, DDR P1 Orientering har talt med.

Venstrefascist fængslet

Sandsynligvis for vold mod politiet.

Læs mere på Uriasposten.