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27 maj 2011

Vi er blevet forfremmet

Iran anerkender Hodjanerne som profeter.

Vi sagde det jo. Endda så tidligt som den 2. februar i år i posten Profeter ‘R’ Us. Men sjovnalister kan åbenbart lige så lidt læse som politkere. Så mens de alle drømmer videre i deres hallucinationer om “Det Arabiske Forår” har vi fået opbakning fra Allah-højeste sted:  det iranske sikkerhedsministerium:

Press TV – Iran: “Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi says the recent developments in the region are a prelude for Islam to prevail in the international arena. “The recent events … show that the future of the world, including [that of] the US and Europe, belongs to Islam,” IRNA quoted Moslehi as saying at a conference in the central Iranian city of Karaj on Thursday. The intelligence minister pointed to the recent popular revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and other anti-government uprisings across the Arab world and argued that all of these movements are of Islamic nature, inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Moslehi referred to the West’s “confusion” over the wave of the Islamic awakening, saying Western countries try to attribute the movements to “non-Islamic” roots. The recent visits by US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to different parts of the world, particularly to the Middle Eastern countries, are aimed at “preventing further losses to the US interests in the region,” he added.

Moslehi called on regional heads of states, especially Saudi officials, not to follow the US path, because they themselves will eventually “get entangled with the Islamic awakening.”  – In recent months, a wave of revolutions and anti-government uprisings has swept the Arab world.  In January, a revolution in Tunisia ended the 23-year ruling of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.  In February, another revolution led to the ouster of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak after three decades of authoritarian rule.  Other revolutions have erupted in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, while more anti-government upheavals have swept Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Algeria. – Meanwhile, more Arab countries are expected to witness similar revolts.”

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