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10 maj 2011

Når trangen kommer over en…

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“Allah hu Akbar” betyder i virkeligheden: “Jeg skal på tønden!”

(Daily Mail) The Yemeni man who was wrestled to the floor after pounding on the cockpit door of a plane approaching San Francisco may have mistaken it for the bathroom. – Rageit Almurisi cannot speak English very well and could have misunderstood the signs inside the jet, his cousin claimed. The maths teacher, who was heard yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he allegedly battered the door, had also only been on three planes in his life and would have been unfamiliar with the layout. His family also claimed that Almurisi, 28, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and could also have reacted badly when an air stewardess told him to sit down. His painful joint condition meant he had to take regular walks on flights, they claimed. ‘I would not be having that,’ his cousin Rageh Almoraissi said. ‘If a flight attendant has the nerve to grab me and try to force me to my seat, believe me, you would hear about other people having injuries.’

Almurisi sparked panic when he started yelling and banging on the cockpit door on American Airlines Flight 1561 from Chicago, just ten minutes before it was due to land on Sunday night, according to police. But the suspect’s cousin, Rageh, 29, said he was a university educated, easygoing person who had arrived in Northern California a year-and-a-half ago from Yemen in search of a better life. He told the Bay Citizen newspaper he probably overreacted when he was told to sit down. ‘There’s a lot of things I’m guessing, you know, I’m just trying to figure it out,’ said Rageh. ‘I know he wasn’t trying to harm anyone. I know that for sure. He’s not a terrorist. He’s a nice guy.’

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  1. Der står jo ikke noget i koranen om, at man skal sidde ned, når ens fly letter og lander, så den velærværdige muslim kan naturligvis spankulere omkring, som det passer ham. Det skal da respekteres, især af hende luderen, der arbejdede på flyet


    Kommentar af JensF — 11 maj 2011 @ 10:22

  2. Og så er de altid på skideren!


    Kommentar af Slyrgraff — 13 maj 2011 @ 14:53

  3. Der er nok bare tale om interkulturelle misforståelser 😀

    I den rette multi-kulti-PK-alting- er-jo-lige-godt-ånd burde der naturligvis have været
    muslimske toiletter eller særlig skiltning henvendt til disse hypersarte individer – som fx. :

    Mere brugerinfo 😀



    Kommentar af Bjovulf — 14 maj 2011 @ 17:22

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