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12 februar 2011

Japansk politi overvåger muslimer

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(Press-TV = iransk TV)

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  1. Det skulle vi have gjort allerede fra starten.
    Så havde vi måske undgået hærværket på Jelling Stenen.



    Kommentar af falkeøje — 12 februar 2011 @ 17:23

  2. The Japanese will take no notice of this so called Islamophobia. They are too proud of there own culture too be bothered with what the world thinks.
    The Portuguese when they first arrived in Japan then started converting the Japanese to Catholicism and playing politics by bringing in firearms, and supporting different groups playing one against the other. When the Tokugawa Shogunate came too power they solved the problem by literally wiping out the Catholics and banning firearms. Any Immam wanting to win over the Japanese to the one true faith by terrorist activities will very quickly meet his so called maker.Most of the countries of the world under the U.N. allow a certain no of refugee to enter every year. I think Denmark has a quota of 2,000. I think last year the Japanese let in about 50, so any Somali suffering from sudden Jihad syndrome will quickly find out that the Japanese are far better at beheading than they are.The Chinese are cut from the same cloth, they killed about 20,000,000 muslims during a series of revolts in the latter part of the 19th century, that is apart from the 30,000,000 Christians during the Tai ping rebellion earlier in the century.


    Kommentar af Yorkshire Miner — 13 februar 2011 @ 10:14

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