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9 januar 2011

Den stakkels, stakkels muslim…

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Han skar hovedet af konen – men er naturligvis selv et offer. Begge dele helt efter lærebogen.

Orlando Sentinel: ” It has been nearly two years since Muzzammil Hassan directed police officers in this serene Buffalo suburb to the decapitated remains of his estranged wife inside the Muslim-oriented television station the couple ran. With his second-degree murder trial set to start, the question for jurors may be less about whether Hassan killed Aasiya Zubair Hassan, 37, after she filed for divorce than about why.

While behind bars, Hassan, 45, has been laying the groundwork for a battered-spouse defense, reaching out to reporters and others to say he acted in self-defense after suffering years of physical and emotional trauma. The claims would be part of the defense case, Hassan’s attorney, Jeremy Schwartz, said Friday. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday.

Experts predicted the strategy would be a tough sell. Hassan’s wife was smaller than him and had alleged years of abuse by her husband in a divorce affidavit signed six days before she died. “The nature of the homicide demonstrates such rage and anger toward his wife that it will be difficult to make him out to be a victim of domination and abuse,” said Casey Gwinn, president of the San Diego-based National Family Justice Center Alliance.

In a jailhouse interview with WGRZ-TV last fall, Hassan described “this huge feeling of relief” after his wife’s death in February 2009. “When everything was over, I felt I had escaped from a terrorist camp,” he said.”

United Kaliphate: politisk korrekthed går amok – igen

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Den engelske afdeling af Kristelig Forening for Unge Kvinder sløjfer det med det kristelige.

Hvor længe varer det inden KFUK i Mohammedanmark følger trop? –  Telegraph: “The YWCA, which was set up in 1855 to help young women going to London for the first time, has now become “Platform 51″.

The name was chosen because 51 per cent of people are female and “women use us as a platform for having their say and for helping them into the next stage of their lives”. The rebranding is likely to raise questions among the charity’s donors, many of whom give to it because of the organisation’s Christian links. However, officials at the World YWCA headquarters in Geneva told the Daily Mail that none of the 124 branches in other countries intended to follow suit. – The spokeswoman said: “We are not even discussing a change. We see our name as an opportunity for promoting Christian values and principles.”