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20 oktober 2010

Simon Deng – forhenværende slave beretter

Muslimernes folkemord på 3,5 millioner kristne i Darfour, tvangsislamisering og slaveri.

Mere om Simon Deng her.

Walk Against Jihad

When I was a slave, I was unable to say the word “no.” All I could say was “yes,” “yes,” “yes.” I was the first one to wake up in the morning — to fetch the first load of the day’s water from the river, and the last to go to sleep at night. I had no bed, like a normal human being, I was forced to sleep on the ground, among the animals. I was beaten time and time again, usually for no reason at all — even by the children of the family, younger than myself. I could not go to sleep until every last bit of heavy work had been performed. When you read, usually in history books or even the Bible, about the brutality of slavery: for me, as a child, it was reality. For me the pain and suffering was real.

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