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15 oktober 2010

Muslimske drømme – ny trend

Filed under: Antisemitisme, Evidens, Historie, Hodja, Holocaust, Islam, Israel, Jihad, Koran, Muslim World — Hodja @ 23:25

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  1. These people sicken me, I find it difficult to express my contempt for them. They are too stupid for words, in one of the shots they say that a jewish woman is kissing the hand of a German soldier, if you look carefully you will see that he is wearing a beret, it is a British Soldier, most of these shots were taken by the British troops who relieved Belsen Belsen. A good friend of the family who is now long dead was one of the relieving force. He was in the Medical corps and was literally imprisoned in Belsen for the three month duration of the clean up because of the outbreaks Typhus and Typhoid.He told me one detail that I have never forgotten or heard refereed too before and that was that when the bodies were dumped and bulldozed into the pits that they were starting to rot and that the gas escaping from the bodies were causing them to move so it seemed as if the pit was full of living people.I can think of no better description of hell. The worst is that these so called Holy men want to repeat the process and justify it in the name of Allah, brain dead zombie follower of a brain dead God.
    They are going to try again, this time the same victims, will not go quietly into the night, and God help us all when they try.


    Kommentar af Yorkshire Miner — 16 oktober 2010 @ 11:35

  2. Den video burde samtlige venstreorienterede og andre islamiske apologeter tvinges til at se!

    Og tak til muslimernes imamere der her på denne video fremlægger beviser for deres egne som deres islams modbydelige hensigter.

    Den ideologi bliver ofte sammenlignet med Nazismen – og ikke uden grund !


    Kommentar af Vivi Andersen — 16 oktober 2010 @ 14:40

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