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10 oktober 2010

Pæstilensisk vækkeur

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Black Gangs Assaulting White Women at “Happy and Safe” TechnoParade in Paris

Hvor kom fotograferne fra?

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Og hvorfor lyder en samling pæstilensere altid som en hønsegård?

The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests in the Middle East

The so-called Israel lobby has been widely denounced and demonized in the media, but its power pales in comparison to the decades-long corruption of American interests by Arab governments.

Indeed, for more than seventy years, U.S. policy in the Middle East has been shaped not by the power of a nefarious “Israel lobby” but by a misguided emphasis on pleasing and placating the Arab states. This outlook has ensured that the United States pays disproportionate attention to their demands, assisting Arab countries—all of them dictatorial regimes with abysmal human rights records—that do not share our values, and often work to subvert our interests.

Historically, the Arab lobby consisted of the oil industry, Christian missionaries, and current or former U.S. diplomats. Arabists in the State Department, many of them openly anti-Semitic, tried to prevent America from recognizing Israel in 1948, and have since waged a long bureaucratic war to undermine the alliance between America and the only true democracy in the Middle East, blocking arms and aid to Israel, while seeking larger weapons sales for their Arab friends. Many of these Arabists subsequently found lucrative jobs promoting business with Arab countries, speaking on their behalf and criticizing U.S.-Israel policy.

Today the Arab states influence American policy through numerous hidden and informal channels, including former members of Congress, subsidized think tanks, paid media spokesmen, academics who hold chairs endowed by Arab money, human rights organizations, assorted UN agencies, European diplomats, and Christian groups hostile to Israel. A number of former ambassadors, university professors, and think tank experts routinely opine on Middle Eastern affairs, but never reveal these conflicts of interest.

The most powerful member of the Arab lobby is Saudi Arabia, which has a nearly eighty-year relationship with the United States. From the earliest days, when American companies first discovered oil in the Arabian Peninsula, the Saudis have used a variety of tactics, including threats and bribes, to coerce U.S. policy makers to ignore their human rights abuses, support of terrorism, and opposition to American interests.

Today, Bard shows, the Arab lobby’s goals include feeding America’s oil addiction, obtaining more sophisticated weaponry, and weakening our alliance with a democratic Israel. It also seeks to influence public opinion through a well-funded publicity campaign, and by injecting distorted views of the Middle East into high school and college textbooks. Bard’s detailed political history brings much-needed balance to a debate fraught with ignorance and propaganda.

EDL Leicester – Tommy Robinson Speech

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Allah ærer hustruer ved at have indført tæsk som straf

Det er sjovt med så mange koner

De nyeste terrorplaner mod Europa burde få venstrefløjen til at vågne op – men gør det næppe!

Governments like the French government and the Obama administration, who have tried to appease radical Islam by assuring them that they are not like Bush and are therefore not the enemy, have wildly missed the point.

If they wish to protect their nations and get rid of radical Islam, then they need to wake up quickly and realize that Islamic radicals do not care what “nuanced” approach the government takes — nor do they care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a dove or a hawk, a moderate Muslim or a Christian, British, American, or French.

We in the West are still at war, and the question is who will win — us or them? Will we fight or surrender? We on the right have made our intentions clear; it is time for the left in America and Europe to do the same. Destroy or be destroyed — there is no nuanced third way.

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Why Do Radical Muslims Want to Kill Europeans?

Muslimsk videnskab: Neil Armstrong beviste at Mekka er verdens navle

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Thilo Sarrazin og et nyt syn på islam i Tyskland

Lidt søndagsmusik oven på gårsdagens stening af Ra Ranunkel

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Arven efter Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Tyrkiske agenter afslørede i sidste uge, at der om bord på yachten Savarona, som lå til ved Antalya i Tyrkiet, foregik et større sexorgie med ni russiske og ukrainske prostituerede samt en række rige og kendte forretningsmænd, skriver Pleasure.dk.

Yachten var ejet af Atatürk tilbage i 1930’erne, men han døde kort efter købet. I dag lever Savarona videre som en meget luksuriøs og stor yacht med den tyrkiske stat som ejer.

Tip: J.D.

Ifølge Wiki er historien noget mere skummel:

On September 28, 2010 at noon, teams of the gendarmerie raided the yacht with assistance of the coast guard, and also a number of other places across the country simultaneously, arresting eight persons for organized human trafficking and detaining 15 women and six foreigner male guests aboard for prostitution. The gang, under observation by the gendarmerie for seven months, was bringing women, among them also under-aged girls, through modeling agencies based in Russia and Ukrainia into Turkey as sex slaves. The yacht was rented by a Kazakh businessman three days before in Bodrum for one week and was en route Antalya, said the operator of the yacht Kahraman Sadıkoğlu. The rent was US $ 50000 per day.[1]

Regarding the scandal, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek declared the next day that clause 3 of the charter contract stipulates that “the contract shall be annulled in case the yacht is being used out of its intended purpose, inappropriate with the nation’s historical heritage or contrary to the traditional habits and customs.” He added that he ordered the initiation of the annulment process. Şimşek told further that following the taking back of the yacht, she can be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for her use as a museum ship.[2]

Yusuf Hakkı Doğan, a public prosecutor in Antalya, who conducted the operation, revealed that the yacht has been used twice for prostitution purposes, the first time in Bodrum as it was determined.[2][3]

Hovsa en til

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