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16 september 2010

Da’wah’s rolle i det islamiske angreb på dar al-harb

This is Da`wah,

the other operational arms of Jihad to conquer and submit Dar al-Harb. We are well acquainted with Jihad, characterizing the globalization of Islamic terrorism. However, the atrocious acts of Jihad should not mislead and disorient us. While we can win over all sorts of Jihad terrorism, Da`wah is the secretive lethal enemy which we even are unaware of. It is the non-violent stealth strategy of coercion; it is the concept of missionary activity to proselytize; it is the propagation to approach the infidels in moderate, tender, graceful ways; and above all it is the religious legitimization basis to invite all human beings to believe in Islam as the only supreme religion.

Da`wah is intended to changing our minds and our behavior and to subverting our mode of thinking. It is a cultural coercive strategy aimed at toppling democratic liberal regimes and eliminating freedoms and civil rights; and by infiltrating Western technology and society’s fabrics with the aim to destroying them from within.

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    Da’wah’s rolle i det islamiske angreb på dar al-harb | Hodjanernes Blog


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