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8 september 2010

Galerie Eros i København udstiller erotiske altertavler.

Hvad nu hvis det var Koranen, der var motivet, i stedet for Det Gamle Testamente?

”Jeg ville aldrig gøre det med islam. Det er for sprængfarligt i bogstaveligste forstand at gøre det samme med islam.

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Mediepris til Kurt Westergaard

Hallo, hallo…er det Zenia?

Her i stampismens fædreland er det en ringe(tone) trøst at vi ikke er alene…

Med et passende forord fra “The Opiniator“: British Man arrested & jailed for “racist” ringtone – PC gone mad

“A pandemic has hit Great Britain (and the Western world) and it’s not the bird flu or the swine flu – it is a disease more infectious and vile. A disease that makes the host literally stupid – and that disease is Political Correctness. Political correctness is a festering boil of mind and thought control with the purpose of ending rational dialog by being particularly adept at shutting down disagreeing critics. The media enables the metastasis of PCism by being complicent and is also guilty of inflicting political correctness on the masses. PC is often coupled with (false) accusations of “racism” or labelling the offender “racist” in order to muzzle any dissent and pave the way for the forced brainwashing of “acceptable” thought via ‘sensitivity training’.

No surprise that Political Correctness and Islamisation of Britain & Europe has gone hand and hand. Dhimmified PCers in the British government, law enforcement and judiciary have paved the way for Islamization to fly into Britain and Europe on an Ali Baba magic carpet. Thus muslims are flocking in droves to Great Britain.  And, on a daily basis, Sharia law creeps into everyday British life – and is an alarming harbinger of the decline of Britain.

So along comes the latest politically correct “offense” to be added to the ever growing list of Things that Offend Muslimsa cellphone ringtone:

MOVIE fan Martin Smith landed in court on a racism charge after he downloaded part of the soundtrack from the 1980s comedy film Rita, Sue and Bob Too! and installed it as a ringtone on his mobile. – Martin, of Holmewood, north Derbyshire, claims friends and workmates got used to hearing the voice of an Asian actor reciting the words “I can’t help being a Paki…”. – But a woman from a mixed race family wasn’t amused when Martin’s Nokia went off as she queued alongside him at a village shop. Over-hearing the clip from the movie – which chronicles the exploits of two schoolgirls growing up on a rundown estate in Bradford – the woman went home and lodged a formal complaint with the police. Officers arrested the 36-year-old at home two days later and locked him in the cells at Chesterfield for four hours before charging him with contravening race relation laws.
Nå, her på bloggen er vi vist ikke i fare for hverken Zenia, Tøger, fru statsadvokaten eller andre stampister. Vi har nemlig forsynet vore mobiltelefoner med en ringetone der på politisk korrekt vis indledes med “ALLAH HU AKBAR“:

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini pædofil og pervers voldtægtsmand

Mere her.

Stor demonstration i New York

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The Freedom Center is in the middle of the fight to stop this insult to the memory of the people who died on 9/11.

Robert Spencer – the author of Islam Unveiled and other important works exposing radical Islam, director of Jihad Watch, and widely respected conservative leader – is spearheading the effort to stop the desecration of the area where 2,742 innocent people were slaughtered by agents of Osama bin Laden and his rabid al Qaeda followers. Robert is helping to organize a major demonstration against the Ground Zero Mosque on September 11th where tens of thousands of New Yorkers will listen as Ambassador John Bolton, Dutch opponent of Islamism Geert Wilders, and others voice their opposition to the mosque.

Pakistan: Kristne nægtes nødhjælp medmindre de konverterer til islam

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The head of an organization that combats anti-Christian persecution charges that some Pakistani Christian families are being denied flood aid unless they convert to Islam.

“Some Christian refugees are openly denied aid, while others are told to leave or convert to Islam,” said Carl Moeller, president and CEO of Open Doors USA. “You can imagine that terrible choice: either you abandon your faith or you cannot feed your child.”

The Fides news agency has collected testimony from several Christians who have been denied aid:

En ubelejlig sandhed: 10 gange flere hate-crimes mod jøder end mod muslimer i USA

According to the latest hate crime statistics available, there were 1,606 hate crime offenses motivated by religious bias in 2008. A closer look: 65.7 percent of them were committed against Jews. Against Muslims? 7.7 percent. […]

Another interesting data point: 4.7 percent of hate crimes in 2008 were motivated by anti-Catholic bias. Another 3.7 percent were anti-Protestant. So from a raw numbers perspective, there were more hate crimes against Christians in America in 2008 than there were against Muslims. Given our large Christian population, it’s true that each Christian is far less likely to be victimized, but the numbers still show that religious haters have not been singling out Muslims.

Yet America’s an Islamophobic nation – don’t you ever forget it!

Mere på NewsBusters

Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs

Holland: 1,5 millioner voksne analfabeter

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Despite a long standing battle against illiteracy, it turns out that amongst the almost 16.5 million inhabitants, one and a half million adults can hardly read or write.

Mere fra Holland: In the latest poll by Maurice de Hond, the Party for Freedom (PVV) has won three seats. The party of Geert Wilders has become the biggest by some way.

HamaSS kalder kvinder og børn ‘legitime militære mål’

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on Saturday said that all Jews living in Judea and Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”) are legitimate military targets, regardless of whether they are men, women or children.

Ikke andre guder end Allah لا إله إلا الله

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Queensland Australien: Alt hvad der ligner et skydevåben kræver våbentilladelse

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ANY ITEM that looks like a gun will have to be licensed under several changes to the Weapons Act being considered by the Queensland State Government.

Even guns made out of materials as unlikely as soap or plastic may have to be kept under lock and key if they could “reasonably be taken to be a weapon”.

Failure to license an imitation weapon will carry a maximum $4500 fine under the proposals and incorrect storage carries a penalty of $750.

Via Curmudgeonly&Skeptical

Gift med en muslim

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13 helvettes år!

“Barn nr 3 ble født, huset var ferdig bygd og da startet helvette virkelig for alvor. De 2 eldste hadde blitt større, sterkere meninger og personlighet om kulturforskjeller. Muslimske jenter har ikke akkuratt lov til å danse, leke med gutter, være hjemme hos andre gutter osv. Dette ble rene helvette. Han kjeftet på de… straffet de verbalt, kaldte de norkse hor unger akk som moren deres osv.. Han stengte oss inne på badet… Dette var så grusomt at jeg til slutt måtte ringe politiet om at de hentet han.”

Halal dildo?

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Dette er ingen sex-butikk.

Dette er en internettside som fokuserer på seksuell velvære, spesialdesignet for muslimske par som ønsker å investere i sitt seksualliv, sier Abdelaziz Aouragh, skaperen av nettsiden El Asira

Vi vil ha’ kalorier i luften og fedtperler i vandet

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Steinhöfel med engelske undertekster

Blog: Steinhoefel


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Viborg-håndboldstjernen Mouna Chebbah skal klare sig uden mad og drikke under kampene.

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Forhenværende imam om islamofobi

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Presset på de potentielle koranafbrændere stiger

Scoretavlen, dag 28

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Fredens Religion™ holder ramadan. Vi følger festlighederne.

Odins dag, den 8.september:

Resultatliste for Ramadan 2010
(Sidste døgn i parentes)
Dag 28 I Allah’s Navn I andre Guders Navn
Terrorangreb 192 (10) 1 (0)
Antal Dræbte 916 (48) 1 (0)

Kilde: Den dagligt opdaterede version fra “The Religion of Peace


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Masseudvandring fra de tyske partier CDU og SPD kan begynde.

Tyskland er på den anden ende. Facaden krakelerer og konflikterne i landet – som er de samme som overalt i Europa – kommer op til overfladen. Sidste år inviterede den berlinske politiker og parlamentsmedlem (Berlin er en stat) René Stadtkewitz sin hollandske kollega Geert Wilders til at besøge Berlin. Det faldt ikke i god jord hos hans parti, CDU, og han meldte sig ud, men blev siddende i gruppen. I mellemtiden kom Thilo Sarazzin (SPD) på banen med et par ubekvemme sandheder og står nu også over for at blive smidt ud af partiet og blive frataget sit embede i Bundesbank. Og da René har udtalt sin støtte til Thilo, skal han nu også smides ud af sin gruppe.

Samtidig viser flere opinionsundersøgelser at omkring 20% af vælgerne fra samtlige partier – sågar Die Linke – ville stemme på et parti som forfægtede de to herrers synspunkter – altså en realistisk tilgang til indvandringen af navnlig muslimer. Sådanne partier findes allerede i Danmark, Norge, Nederlandende, Flandern, Østrig, Schweiz og Italien – hvorimod de store EUSSR-lande Frankrig, England og Tyskland hidtil ikke har andet end de sædvanlige, bovlamme varianter af vore egne suicidaldhimmikratier der – akkurat som herhjemme – skiftes til at varme taburetter. Indtil nu: