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10 august 2010

Anita Bay Bundegaards drøm er ved at gå i opfyldelse – millioner af fattige på vej til EU – lovligt!

EU’s grænser er som en åben ladeport:

This is the news, offered fairly low-key at the moment, that EU member states are exploiting passport loopholes that potentially give nearly five million outsiders, mostly from Europe’s poorest countries, the coveted right to live and work in the EU.

And, of course, once they are inside the EU borders, they have freedom of movement and, eventually, unrestricted freedom of establishment. This means they can come over here and sponge off the over-generous welfare system which seems to favour immigrants above all else.


At the heart of this scam, which is making a complete mockery of our immigration policy – more so than it already has – are two countries, Romania and Bulgaria. They are handing out passports to ethnically linked groups or minorities outside their borders. Now Hungary plans to do the same, as of January.

The main beneficiaries are citizens of Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey – about 4.7 million people with living standards at a fraction of the EU average. All are eligible for EU citizenship under passport giveaway programs.

And it gets worse. Others outside Europe, looking to escape hardship at home, are also lining up. Spain enacted legislation in January 2009 giving even the grandchildren of Spaniards whose ancestors left due to political or economic hardship caused by the Civil War the right to obtain passports from Madrid – and the response has been huge.

Læs det hele på IsraPundit

Anita Bay Bundegaard vakte stor opsigt i en periode, hvor der var skarp debat om indvandringens omfang, ved i februar 2001 i et interview i Weekendavisen at efterlyse en måde de vestlige lande kunne håndtere problemet med såkaldte fattigdomsflygtninge, bl.a. ved at foreslå, at fattigdomsflygtninge burde kunnne få asyl i Danmark. Bundegaards udmelding blev prompte underkendt af daværende statsminister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen og Det Radikale Venstre[1][2]. Hun fik u-landsjournalisternes hædersbevisning, Nairobi-prisen, i 2001 for sin indsats på posten.

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