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20 maj 2010

Støt Geert Wilders

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Geert Wilders’ political party is appealing for international help in advance of next month’s general elections in the Netherlands.

The Party for Freedom (PVV) receives no government subsidies, but relies on private donations The Dutch media have mounted a full-bore assault against Mr. Wilders and his party to try to make sure that the PVV has no hand in the formation of the next Dutch government.

So the Party for Freedom is appealing for donations. Donations may be made to:

ING bank account of the Stichting Vrienden van de PVV in The Hague
(IBAN: NL98 INGB 0670 4723 44, BIC: INGBNL2A)

Postal address for the bank:
Postbus 20018
2500 EA Den Haag

There is also a Paypal application on the English-language website: http://www.geertwilders.nl/

Click here for the rest of the article

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