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19 maj 2010

I morgen er det store tegnedag.

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Talent eller ej – hjælp muslimerne med at blive voksne!

Jihad Watch: Why draw Muhammad? Why make fun of the man Muslims revere most? Why arouse their ire?

Precisely because they react with murderous rage when one does this. Now that may seem odd — why would anyone want to provoke someone else’s murderous rage? – Because it is an object lesson in pluralism. Either we put up with being offended by one another, or we enact speech codes that establish one group as beyond criticism. The latter road is the path to authoritarianism and tyranny. To respond to speech one considers offensive without threats and murder is a cardinal element of a society that respects all its citizens enough to allow them a voice in the public square, no matter how despised and hated their opinions may be. So free speech is a key element of any society in which all people are equal before the law. And now when free speech is under serious attack both Stateside and internationally, and a key battlefield in the war against it is so-called “Islamophobia” and the Muhammad cartoons, it is essential to stand up and say that it is madness to threaten and kill over a cartoon drawing. And to stand for free speech whatever the risks.

Fear of Free Speech Alert: “ISPs directed to block Facebook’s blasphemous link,” from The News International, May 18 (thanks to Block Ness):

KARACHI: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to close a Facebook’s link about the competition of the blasphemous caricatures. A caricature competition is being held on May 20 at a link of the http://www.facebook.com under a plot to hurt the millions of Muslims around the world. The PTA, taking notice of this attempt, has asked the ISPs to ensure the blockage of this particular link of the facebook website.

Also, on Facebook, this:

Fuck the organizers of draw Mohammed day. May they BURN IN HELL (INSHALLAH)Your bodies will burn in fire in your graves and then in hell. We Muslims, can’t even think of saying or doing the same for your Prophets because we respect that all Prophets were send by Allah Almighty. You should be ashamed of yourselves YOU BLOODY PIG EATERS.

Meanwhile, you can join in the fun Thursday here. And post your drawings to the SIOA page also.

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  1. Når nu den næste verdenskrig er overstået, og der skal ryddes op i taberlandene, formodentlig lidt efter opskriften anvendt efter sidste verdenskrig i tyskland og japan,så kunne det være interessant at finde ud af, om mandens skelet var bevaret, således at man kunne rekonstruere hans fysiognomi….


    Kommentar af Fidibus — 19 maj 2010 @ 13:59

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