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14 april 2010

Stigende antal somaliere i Minneapolis med omkostningstunge autistiske børn

Somali immigration trends in Minnesota have exponentially grown from 1990 when fewer than 5,000 residents were born in Africa, to the estimated 25,000 Somali residents by 2004 “with no signs of slowing down.” Most are Sunni Muslims.

Brought initially to the northern state by do-gooder missionaries, the Somalis readily found welcoming social services, health and educational opportunities in the mostly left leaning state’s bureaucracy. But a far darker unintended consequence of Somali immigration has reared its head in the high number of their children born in America with autism. Dr. Sanne Magnan, Minnesota state health commissioner, said a recent study seems to confirm that “Somali children in this country experience higher levels of severe autism.”

Idil Abdull, mother of an autistic child, said, “Yes, there is a problem. . .I know there are Somalis whose kids are under the bed and not taken anywhere. . .” The study concluded the Somalis were two to seven times more likely as other pupils to be in autistic classrooms. What is not included in the NEW YORK TIMES article is any estimate of the enormous cost to taxpayers of educating even one autistic child, let alone a burgeoning population of such pupils. Rightful consideration must be given to hard working American taxpayers and residents like Marie and her husband who all over this country are being forced to pay for and adjust to the inordinate strains of immigration, either legal or illegal, while liberal politicians and liberal media sources continue to ignore them.

Fra The Collins Report

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2 kommentarer »

  1. Ja man skal holde nallerne fra sin kusine.


    Kommentar af Phønix — 14 april 2010 @ 11:39

  2. Læste lige i går i en konservativ engelsk avis, at mere en 1600 skoler i England har engelsk som andensprog, så mange udlændinge er der i skolerne. Der er mindre end 50% engelske børn i klassen.

    Tallene fra Birmingham var meget værre, men dem kan jeg ikke huske.

    Så alt går efter planen hos de politiske ledere i hele Europa. De kan ikke tænke længere frem end til i morgen.


    Kommentar af Phønix — 17 april 2010 @ 06:59

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