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26 februar 2010

Syv grunde til at støtte Israel

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Storbritannien er nu HamaSS’s højborg i Europa

The full extent of the Hamas political and propaganda operation in Britain has been revealed in a shocking new report into the Palestinian terror organisation’s supporters in this country.

According to the Israel-based Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre, Britain has become a hub for Hamas activities in Europe, including virulently antisemitic propaganda aimed at children.

The report identifies Britain as a vital strategic centre for the terror group and names key Hamas activists in this country.

Many of them cannot be named for legal reasons.


An on-line children’s magazine, published in Britain, alleged by the report to be affiliated to Hamas, carried a picture of a Palestinian child in military uniform with the words: “Tell how the Jews deceived our Prophet Muhammad… The Jew cannot be trusted, no matter how he tries to present himself as innocent and pure.”


Labour MP Denis MacShane said: “It shows that Hamas is spreading its Jew-hate propahanda in Britain as well as the Middle East. Politicians and editors would raise a storm of protest if the BNP or neo-Nazi groups produced and disseminated such overtly antisemitic material but Hamas is not challenged.


According to the report, another Hamas magazine, also published in Britain, “spreads hate propaganda against Israel and encourages terrorism and terrorists”. The most recent edition included a celebration of Hassan Muhammad Harb, killed by the IDF, who “participated in many jihad missions of firing shells and Grad missiles at the Zionist settlements”.

A London-based satellite television channel is accused in the report of supporting the firing of Kassam rockets into Israeli territory.

Stop the Trial of Geert Wilders

What started as a trial against Geert Wilders for alleged Islamophobia has nearly turned into its opposite: a historical case about the message of the Quran.

The Amsterdam court trying the controversial Dutch politician is now preoccupied with the question of whether this book, sacred to more than a billion believers, can be compared to one of the most vile publications in the history of Western civilization–Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” What could possibly go wrong?


Mr. Wilders’s detractors are mistaken if they think a conviction would hurt him politically. The trial is a win-win situation for him: If the court rules to restrict Mr. Wilders’s right to free speech, many Dutchmen will interpret this as an effort by the politically correct establishment to limit the growing strength of the Freedom Party, which would widen its appeal to many voters. If, on the other hand, the prosecution fails to prove that Mr. Wilders has purposely insulted Muslims because of their religion, Mr. Wilders’s views will be seen as vindicated. Again, he will gain politically.

More importantly, Mr. Wilders’s prosecution may in the end inadvertently create a crisis between the Netherlands and the Islamic world. On trial is not so much Geert Wilders, but the Holy Book of Islam. On Jan. 20, the first day of the case, Mr. Wilders’s defense team presented the court with a list of expert witnesses. It is indicative of his strategy. The expert witnesses, a group of internationally renowned academics on the one hand and, on the other, radical Islamists (among them Mohammed Bouyeri, the killer of Theo van Gogh, and the influential Iranian Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, an outspoken anti-Semite and religious mentor of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad), are requested to testify about the Quran’s message and Mr. Wilders’s comparison of the Quran to “Mein Kampf.” As Mr. Wilders stated on the first and, so far only, session in court, if his statements about the Quran and “Mein Kampf” are correct, he cannot be convicted for telling the truth. So Mr. Wilders’s defense team will concentrate on the extreme and violent paragraphs in the Quran, and compare them to paragraphs in “Mein Kampf.”


The three judges hearing the case–no doubt decent, modest, postmodern Dutchmen with a minimum knowledge of Islam and its culture and traditions–will now be forced to debate the nature of a religious text, something that should have never been heard in the court of an enlightened society. In front of the judges and television cameras, the ancient founding text of an entire civilization will be criticized and weighed against one of the most inhumane texts written in the 20th century–without any doubt a deep insult to Muslims, radical or not.

There is a way out. The district attorney’s office has complied with the appeals court’s order to prosecute Mr. Wilders. The trial has started. It should now ask the court for an acquittal. This preposterous trial needs to be stopped right now.

By Leon De Winter

Hvad er der blevet af Metalmatte88?!

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Metalmattes YouTube-account er forsvundet sporløst. Er han mon blevet bortcensureret?
Hans mesterlige hovedværk “Blattar Bråk” kan nu kun findes som brudstykker, hist og pist, på andre accounts. ganske Tråkigt…
Her er, hvad der kunne opstøves på youTube; genudsendt, som Drachmann ville have sagt det, for Moro dels, og dels af gammelt Nag!:

Fløjlshandsker og Sikkerhed

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Jødehad på universitetet

I England udstedes 2 pas i minuttet til udlændinge

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Siden Labour kom til magten er i alt 1,5 millioner udlændinge blevet tildelt statsborgerskab. Alene sidste år godkendte man 203.865 nye ansøgninger, hvilket er en stigning på 58% siden 2008.

Også på andre områder har der været voldsomme stigninger, fx. fik 61.715 studenter visa i løbet af kun tre måneder i 2009, hvilket er en stigning på 92% sammenlignet med samme periode året før.

Passports were given to foreigners at the rate of two a minute last year.
Officials approved a record 203,865 citizenship applications, 58 per cent more than in 2008.
Another 190,000 immigrants were given the right to settle in the UK in 2009 – a rise of 30 per cent on the year before.
Home Office figures show that 1.5million foreigners have become UK citizens since Labour came to power.
In 1997, just 37,010 were granted the status. (Kilde: http://www.DailyMail.co.uk)

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Når herrefolket er til jobsamtale

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Jobsamtale løb af sporet: Ansøger amok med køkkenkniv.