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24 februar 2010

EU dom giver somalier, der ikke har opholdstilladelse i UK, ret til bolig, børnepenge og sundhedsydelser

Nimco Hassan Ibrahim – who lives with her four children on benefit handouts – was granted the right to the home by EU judges yesterday because she was once married to a Danish citizen who briefly worked in this country.


The landmark EU judgment opens the door for hundreds of thousands of unemployed foreigners to claim both state benefits and council or housing association homes.


The judges at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg said Mrs Ibrahim must be given a home because ‘a parent caring for the child of a migrant worker who is in education in the host member state has a right of residence in that state’.


Mrs Ibrahim fled war-torn Somalia to Ethiopia with her family when she was 15. She married Mohamed Yusuf in Ethiopia before the pair moved to Denmark where he holds citizenship. The pair came to Britain seven years ago. After eight months working as a bus driver, Mr Yusuf began living on benefits. When they were stopped in March 2004, he left the country.

Mr Yusuf’s departure ended Mrs Ibrahim’s right to stay in the UK and her right to receive benefits, but six years later, she lives on £1,000 a month through child tax credits, child benefits and child disability allowance.

Her accommodation is paid for and she also uses the NHS, even though she is not entitled to free medical care and has no insurance cover.

Mere på Daily Mail

Hvor opholder manden sig? I Danmark på bistandshjælp? Med en ny kone? Med 4 nye børn?

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  1. Tjaeh…


    Kommentar af Skjoldungen — 24 februar 2010 @ 10:08

  2. http://luen.dk/enligmor.tiff


    Kommentar af Hodja — 1 marts 2010 @ 14:55

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