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17 februar 2010

Muslimsk march BBC ikke ønsker at vise

The film was shot by an iron-nerved team from BNPtv in Blackburn on Sunday 11th January 2009. As youll see the first short section is silent, but still gives a good impression of the scale of the protest.

Despite or rather, because of the size of the demo, and its exclusively Muslim nature, none of the broadcast media or national newspapers carried a single word on the story. The BBC in particular gave extensive air-time to rival pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protests in London over the same weekend, and mentioned a left-wing rally in Manchester, but all covered up what was probably the largest Islamic protest march in the UK since the Bradford book-burnings against Salman Rushdie and free speech twenty years ago.

The main camera crew, which included Burnley BNP Councillor Derek Dawson and former Blackburn BNP Councillor Robin Evans, were threatened with arrest and escorted out of the town by the police. A second back-up crew with an amateur video camera, however, were not picked up by the police and managed to attend the protest rally itself. This was held in Blackburns Corporation Park and included a short but inflammatory speech by Tony Blairs sister-in-law Lauren Booth, which was recorded under very difficult circumstances by our brave volunteers.

Tak til Universalgeniet.

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