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22 december 2009

‘License to kill’ indbrudstyve

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Homeowners would be handed a licence to kill burglars by a Tory government.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling raised the election stakes on crime by promising law-abiding citizens extra rights to defend themselves.

If the Tories win the election, he said, they would tear up the law which lets householders use only ‘reasonable force’ to defend their families against intruders.

The move comes amid public outrage at the 30-month sentence handed last week to Munir Hussain, who chased and beat a member of a gang who had held his family at knifepoint in their home.

Mr Grayling said homeowners should escape conviction even if they kill a burglar – unless they use ‘grossly disproportionate’ force.

Ifølge artiklen har Irland allerede indført en lignende lovgivning.

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