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22 december 2009

Incest er halal i islam

An Egyptian professor of Philosophy Dr. Hasan Hanafi stirred up a hornet’s nest among Muslims by comparing the Quran with a supermarket where you can find whatever you are looking for.

Muslims declared him apostate and called for his beheading. Actually Dr Hanafi is a true Muslim who understands Quran correctly. Quran is a truly universal book. It is for every one, including killers, robbers, polygamists, rapists, pedophiles, incest artists, you name it. Even those who desire to sleep with their own underage daughters find an aya for it. That is the reason why Muslims love the Quran, read it day and night and never want to change it..

PREACHER (addressing his four permanent and six temporary muta wives): “Today we will study aya 2.223 of holy Quran.”

“Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will”

[Note: Allah uses the word “nisa” meaning “women“ and not wives (zawaj) as some apologists translate to hide the true intention of Allah to appease their western masters. Thus Allah says, your women are your properties and you can have sex with them in any way you want.]

WIFE No. 1: Whom does Allah mean by “your women”.

PREACHER: By your women Allah means your wives, your daughters and your right hand possessions.” Thus sex with wives, daughters and slave girls is halal according to this aya.”

WIFE No. 1: “Sex with daughters is halal? Isn’t that incest . I don’t think most Muslims approve of that”.

PREACHER: “Most Muslims are influenced by kafir laws and hardly practice Islam of quran and sunna. They shun many Quranic tenets which were practiced by our prophet and his sahaba (companions).”

Wife No.2: “They do?”

PREACHER. “Sure they do.. For example they shun sex with underage girls which is sanctioned by Allah in 65.4 and was practiced by our prophet. Our prophet had sex with 9 year old Ayesha and god knows how many under age slave girls captured from kuffar. They shun polygamy (4.3) and changing wives (4.80) which has been mainstay of Muslim household’s. Prophet, had nine wives when he died. Hasan, our prophet’s beloved grandson used to marry in the morning, had sex all day and divorced in the evening. They shun sex with slave girls (4.3, 4.24, 23.633.50, and 70.30) and forget that lure of sex with captured slave women was the inspiration for Mujahids to capture half the world in record time. Our prophet had sex with hundreds of enslaved women after raiding kuffar villages. He was sanctioned 20% of all booty by Allah including captured kuffar women.

Wife No. 3: “But did our prophet practice incest too”?

PREACHER: “Sure he did”

WIFE No. 4: “You mean to say our prophet slept with his daughters”?

PREACHER “No he could not. The reason is when the aya 2.223 came down all of prophet’s daughters had been married and gone and were in the ownership of their husbands. But he did practice incest by having sex with his only daughter-in-law, Zainab, who was like a daughter. He desired it, his son Zaid cooperated, and Allah blessed it in aya 33.37”.

MUTA WIFE No. 6: “That means incest is halal and is blessed by Allah?”

PREACHER: “Yes, indeed it is. Now that we all know and agree that incest is halal and a sunna, please go and send our eldest daughter to my bedroom. Allah will not only bless and give sawab to me and her, you all will get blessings.. Jazakallah khair”.

And daughters they did send to their husband’s bedroom regularly to gain brownie points for paradise.

Samtalen er opdigtet, koranversene er IKKE.

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  1. Sura 4:23:

    Forbudt for jer er: Jeres mødre, jeres døtre og jeres søstre; jeres fastre og mostre; jeres brordøtre og jeres søsterdøtre; jeres fostermødre, der har ammet jer, og jeres fostersøstre; jeres hustruers mødre og jeres steddøtre, som står under jeres beskyttelse og stammer fra kvinder, I har haft samleje med. Hvis I ikke har haft samleje med dem, begår I ingen overtrædelse -; hustruerne til jeres sønner, der er udgået af jeres lænder; at I bringer to søstre sammen. Dog, hvad der er sket, er sket. Gud er tilgivende og barmhjertig –


    Kommentar af WilliamJansen — 27 december 2009 @ 22:29

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