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21 december 2009

Tyrkiets mangel på religionsfrihed

It’s been another difficult year for Christians in Turkey and it is finishing just as it began, with problems.

Early in December, three Muslims entered the Meryem Ana Church, a Syriac Orthodox church in Diyarbakir, and confronted the Reverend Yusuf Akbulut, according to a Dec. 15 report by Compass Direct News, an agency specializing in reporting on religious persecution.

They told the priest that that unless the bell tower was destroyed in one week, they would kill him. The Muslims were apparently acting in reaction to the recent referendum in Switzerland, which banned the construction of new minarets for mosques.


The year had started badly, with a land dispute involving one of the world’s oldest Christian monasteries, reported Reuters, Jan. 21. The fifth-century Syriac monastery Mor Gabriel is located in Midyat, a village near the border with Syria.

“This is our land. We have been here for more than 1,600 years,” said Kuryakos Ergun, head of the Mor Gabriel Foundation, according to the report.


According to Reuters, there were 250,000 Syriacs when Ataturk founded Turkey after World War I. Today they number only 20,000, with many having left the country to escape persecution.


The monastery, founded in 397, has a great symbolic importance, the article explained and is considered by Syriacs to be a sort of “second Jerusalem.”


Other instances of intolerance punctuated the life of Christians in Turkey during the past 12 months. On Oct. 16 Compass Direct News reported on the trial of two Christians, accused of having insulted Islam.

Defense Attorney Haydar Polat said the trial was a scandal, pointing to the fact that in proceedings three of the witnesses for the prosecution admitted they did not even know the two Christians on trial.


Then, on Dec. 4 Compass Direct News published a report on a survey that showed more than half of the population of Turkey opposes members of other religions holding meetings or publishing materials to explain their faith.

The survey also found that almost 40% of the population of Turkey said they had “very negative” or “negative” views of Christians.


Forum 18, a Norwegian-based human rights group, published on Nov. 27 a survey of religious freedom in Turkey. 

Overall, the study concluded: “that the country continues to see serious violations of international human rights standards on freedom of religion or belief.”


In fact, even recognized religious communities cannot themselves own properties such as places of worship.

It is virtually impossible to find people from non-Muslim backgrounds in high-level civil servant positions and impossible in senior ranks in the military, the study continued.


Forum 18 listed a number of deadly attacks on Christians in recent years.


Among the causes of this intolerance the study cited the habitual disinformation and defamation against Christians, both in public discourse as well as in the media. As well, intolerance is actively promoted within the school curriculum.


On Wednesday a report titled: “Global Restrictions on Religion,” was published by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life.

If found that 64 nations — about one-third of the countries in the world — have high or very high restrictions on religion. Moreover, because some of the most restrictive countries are very populous, nearly 70% of the world’s 6.8 billion people live in countries with high restrictions on religion, the brunt of which often falls on religious minorities.

Man spørger sig selv – hvorfor forhandler EU overhovedet med Tyrkiet?


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Det skulle efter sigende være titlen på en ny film.

I går erklærede husets teenager at hun tog i biografen. Det lyder måske ikke så epokegørende for flertallet af denne blogs læsere. Men når man betænker, at vi her på vor lille ø ikke har haft et biograf-theater siden forsamlingshuset brændte for 20 år siden og et sådant forehavende derfor indebærer afgang med en iskold færge kl. tre om eftermiddagen, rutebil til nærmeste, større by,  de obligatoriske chikanerier af “de unge” i biografens foyer (damen er høj, lyshåret, storbarmet og af særdeles nordisk udeende), tre timers pinsler med 3D-briller for øjnene, nye chikanerier efter filmen, overnatning hos familie og færgen retur næste morgen, så må der en stålsat vilje til. Jeg var da også behørigt imponeret.

Selv ser jeg ikke film mere. Tossekassen røg på losseren da signalet forsvandt og savnes ikke. Nu er  donna’en tilbage i god behold, og adspurgt om filmen afleverede hun denne anmeldelse: BVADR!

Hvilket bringer mig frem til en mere generel anmeldelse af film. Den er fremsat af min gode ven, Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Empire:

Things We Don’t Want To See In A Movie… EVER AGAIN!

1) Pointless sex scenes. Really, we know that there are thousands of sex-deprived teenagers jacking off to those 10 minute interludes that don’t add anything whatsoever to the plot, but the rest of us would very much like to not have to watch two people humping when we could have something advancing the actual story. We’re quite familiar with sex, so if you must inform us that two characters in the plot have become romantically involved, just show us a clip of them entering a room and beginning to take their clothes off. Cut.

We know what happens next unless we’re from Mars, and we really don’t care to waste 10% of what we paid for a ticket to watch something that all of us have done for real about sixteen hundred times with all of the naughty bits cut out to save your PG rating.

Those who need more have this new invention called the Internet to release their, erm, pressure and, quite frankly, Angelina Jolie’s boobs don’t look any different from the boobs we’ve fondled in our life.

2) The idiotic stereotypes of Christians as mindless drones who just want to kill everybody who doesn’t look like them. Let’s face it, Hollyweird morons, if we really were that nutty, you’d have been dead for at least three decades. There are a lot of us and no, we’re not insane murderous psychopaths. If we were, you wouldn’t be around to tell lies about us. You want to be brave and edgy? Make a movie where the words “terrorist” and “muslim” appear in the same line of dialogue. Of course you won’t. Those people might actually hurt you.

Forelæsning: Koptere i Ægypten

Via Vlad Tepes

Haag: Politiundersøgelse af børnemishandling under korankurser

The Municipal Health Service (GGD) in The Hague has asked the police and the public prosecution to investigate possible child abuse during Qur’an courses in some mosques in the city.

In April the Municipal Council accepted a motion to investigate reports of children being beaten during these lessons. In its investigation, a department of the GGD has found 49 indications of such abuse, which shows a pattern. Half of the cases concerned courses given under the auspices of the El Islam Mosque.

Fra Bad News From the Netherlands

Svar på tiltale.

Schweizisk avis siger “menneskeretsforkæmperen” Erdogan et par sandheder.

Efter den nok som bekendte folkeafstemning om minareter var Tyrkiets Racep Erdogan ikke sen til at fordømme resultatet som “en forbrydelse mod menneskeheden” og “et utryk for fascisme” (sic.)

Havde denne folkeafstemning nu fundet sted i Danmark – ja, ja, jeg ved det godt: forbudt! – ville to ting være givet: resultatet var blevet endnu mere markant, og når Hr. Erdogan derpå skældte os ud, ville vore hjemlige medier, med DDR og Samarbejds-Politiken i spidsen, falde over hinandens ben for at give ham ret.

Men Schweiz er et demokrati med en fri presse. “Last man standing in Europe”. Her har avisen Blick (udsyn – red.) tørt og nøgternt erindret tyrken om, at af samtlige asylansøgere i Schweiz, var flygtninge fra Tyrkiet dem som opnåede den største anerkendelsesrate. Men læs selv tallene – der er ingen grund til at oversætte dem. (Tip: Politically Incorrect).

Bureaukratiet længe leve!

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Tænk, at det skulle komme fra os. Ikke at det gør nogen forskel – tyrkerne vrimler ind uanset. Men alligevel…

Die Presse: Tyrkiet forlanger at EUSSR afskaffer visumpligten for tyrkiske statsborgere. -“Det er uacceptabelt, at visumpligten til Schengen-området er afskaffet for visse Balkan-lande” siger den tyrkiske udenrigsminister Ahmet Davotoglu.  – “Disse lande er ikke så langt fremme mod EUSSR-medlemskab som Tyrkiet”.
Borgere fra Serbien, Montenegro og Makedonien har siden i lørdags kunnet rejse ind i EUSSR uden visum. Enhver, som er i besiddelse af et pas med biometriske data kan hvert halve år opholde sig 90 dage i 25 EUSSR-provinser samt i Island, Norge og Schweiz. EUSSR har siden 2005 forhandlet med Tyrkiet om en aftale, og Tyrkiet har tidligere beklaget sig over det langsomme tempo i forhandlingerne. (Tip: Politically Incorrect).

Lidt julehygge

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Steve Lees hjemmeside.

Via Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Hvordan IPCC ‘videnskabsmænd’ modarbejder offentliggørelse af ubekvemme videnskabelige resultater og forsøger at redigere historieskrivningen

In this article, reprinted from http://www.americanthinker.org, two eminent Professors reveal just one of the many seamy stories that emerge from the Climategate emails.

A prejudiced journal editor conspires with senior IPCC scientists to delay and discredit a paper by four distinguished scientists demonstrating that a central part of the IPCC’s scientific argument is erroneous.

By David H. Douglass, Professor of Physics, University of Rochester, New York, and John R. Christy, Distinguished Professor, Atmospheric Science, University of Alabama at Huntsville

We will let the reader judge whether this team effort, revealed in dozens of emails and taking nearly a year, involves inappropriate behavior including (a) unusual cooperation between authors and editor, (b) misstatement of known facts, (c) character assassination, (d) avoidance of traditional scientific give-and-take, (e) using confidential information, (f) misrepresentation (or misunderstanding) of the scientific question posed by us in our paper, (g) withholding data, and more.

Læs hele artiklen på SPPI blog.

OPDATERING: Wikipedia – Sådan forsvandt klimaskepsis.


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Er Bruun-Rasmussen begyndt at forberede sig på fremtiden?

JACOBABAD – A 20-year-old girl was auctioned at village Badani Bhutto of Taluka Kashmore in consideration of Rs2,70,000 on Saturday.

Azizan, daughter of late Allah Bux Bhutto, was divorced on the allegation of Karo-kari some time back. She is stated to be mother of two children and was residing with her brother who held the open auction for her ‘sale’ at village Badani Bhutto.
A large number of villagers showed interest in the auction that started with Rs50,000 and ended at Rs270,000. Bilawal Bhutto, 50, of the same village purchased her for the said amount. Initially he paid Rs210,000 for the girl.
Maulana Azizullah Bhutto performed their nikah later.

Hodjas Rugbrød

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Tak til Mosemanden.