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14 december 2009


Genial fredsplan for Mellemøsten!

EOW: An unnamed official source in Jerusalem has informed us that Israel is about to make the Palestinians a generous offer for a capital city in the framework of peace negotiations.

“We are going to make this proposal to get the peace talks going, so the Palestinians do not feel so bad about having to give up their demands for a settlement freeze and stock in Israeli high tech companies,” the source said. “We understand that such gestures are needed to advance dialogue, and in view of our unbreakable bond with the United States, we want to help President Obama, who has been so helpful in advancing suggestions for peaceful compromises that Israel should make,” the source continued. “Likewise, we do not want to lag behind the Europeans, especially the Swedes, who have been so generous with Israeli concessions.”

“What we are proposing is that the Palestinians will get a part of Stockholm as their capital. The idea has been broached with Palestinians and they are not averse. Stockholm is a Muslim holy place. According to a 2000 nanosecond – old Muslim tradition, the prophet Muhammad tethered his flying horse on the Kungsholmgatan when he had to make a rest stop in his journey to heaven. We are sure that the Swedish government, especially Mr. Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister, will gladly make this minor sacrifice for peace,” the official noted.

“The big advantage of this plan is that Stockholm consists of different islands, so it will be relatively easy to divide it up between the Swedes and the Palestinians,” the official pointed out. “If the Swedish government should nonetheless object to this excellent plan for advancing the Palestinian cause, we warn them not to try and drive a wedge between Israel and the Palestinians on this issue. Divide and conquer will not work here.”

U.S. State Department officials were excited about the new proposal. “This is certainly in the spirit of the Nobel prize that President Obama got for not being George Bush. The United States is always happy to back a peace plan that involves concessions from others,” a high official commented.

Esbjerg – Harwich.

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Hvad koster en familiebillet – enkelt – fra Mohammedanmark til Britannistan?

BRITAIN’S Muslim population has hit 2.4million because the UK is seen as the best country in Europe for the Islamic faith, a report is to reveal.

There are 1.1million Muslim immigrants and 1.3million UK-born Muslims – mostly the ­children of newcomers. Muslims quizzed said there was less open hostility to Islam in Britain than other EU countries and that the Government is ­sympathetic to them. But critics seized on the f­indings as confirmation that Labour’s multicultural policies are pandering to Islam. Sir Andrew Green, of the ­pressure group Migrationwatch, warned the Muslim ­population in Britain was likely to be even higher than research showed. – He said: “The rapid rise in the Muslim population is just one way in which mass immigration promoted, even encouraged, by this Government has affected the whole nature of our society.” – Muslim illegal immigrants were unlikely to respond to Government-linked surveys, he added.

The population research is to be published next month in a new “faith map” of the UK drawn up by the Institute for Public Policy Research, a think-tank with close links to 10 Downing Street. – Even the authors admit the increasing numbers of immigrants of different religions will be “challenging” for social cohesion in the UK. The report found in the past decade a rise of 275,000 in the number of Muslims who were born in Pakistan or Bangladesh living in Britain. – The increase is equivalent to twice the population of Oxford. And the number of Somali-born UK residents had also risen sharply – from fewer than 40,000 in 1999 to 106,700 this year.

Teologisk spørgsmål om kannibalisme.

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Når man nu ikke må spise grise, hvorfor må man så spise sønner af aber og svin?

Men de – jøøøderne altså – er moské kun halve svin? Vlad Tepes: A Muslim man attacked a Chabad rabbi Saturday night as he was conducting the annual ceremony to light the public Chanukah menorah in Stefenfaltz Square in the city of Vienna, Austria.

The attacker hurled himself at Rabbi Dov Gruzman, principal of the city’s Jewish school run by the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement, and began punching him, a local resident told Arutz Sheva. As the rabbi tried to hold off his attacker, the Muslim suddenly bit his victim, severing part of his finger in the process. The Muslim was caught and arrested by police, and was held for questioning. The rabbi was evacuated to the hospital where doctors rushed to reattach his finger.

Gruzman told Arutz Sheva that the Muslim had raced towards the entrance at the beginning of the ceremony and began to curse the Jews who were there and the Jewish people in general. “I tried to hold him off, to keep him away from the entrance and he bit me really hard, and that’s how he injured me,” he said.

The event itself did not discourage Rabbi Gruzman, and in fact strengthened his resolve. “We are glad that such an event occurred,” he said. “Today, because of what happened, we are planning [a much larger event]. We increased the number of sufganiot [Chanukah jelly doughnuts] from 50 to 700 – and this is our answer to the attack and to anti-Semitism.”

However, the rabbi himself will be unable to participate in Sunday evening’s ceremony due to the fact that he is still hospitalized, and being monitored for infection from the bite. Nevertheless, he emphasized, through the Chanukah lighting ceremony he sends his blessing to every Jew around the world.

Fotografiet her er fra en anden lejlighed, hvor en Palestinian Car Swarm flænser en af deres egne terroristledere, som er ekspederet videre til de 72 jomfuer ved hjælp af et velrettet, israelsk missil.

UK: Shariah skjult i labours budget

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THE Treasury plans to rewrite Britain’s tax rules to usher in a new wave of Sharia law for the country’s financial system.

The one-line revelation is buried in the 212-page pre-Budget report.

Hvert tredje minut bliver en kristen tortureret i den muslimske verden

I 2009 blev mere end 165,000 kristne dræbt på grund af deres tro – de fleste i de muslimske lande – oplyser en menneskerettighedsorganisation.

Henrik Svensmarks bidrag

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In this film, the UN climate concensus is seriously challenged – watch it, and judge for yourself.

The duration of the documentary is 52 min. and is in 6 parts – called Cloud Mystery.

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Test: Kend din indre svinehund

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Hvor sidder skanken på en gris, og hvad bruges den til?

Prøv testen: Kender du din gris?

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Gaza-striben: HamaSS graver begravede kristne op – de forurener!

Hamas has been digging up bodies of Christians in the Gaza Strip, claiming that they pollute the earth according to human rights NGO’s that are visiting Israel this week.

“Hamas digs up the bodies of Christians from Christian burial sites in the Gaza Strip claiming that they pollute the earth,” said Reverend Majed El Shafie, President of One Free World International (OFWI), who will head a delegation of human rights activists, members of parliament from Canada and religious personalities.

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Ægypten: Statsfinasieret anti-kristen propaganda

Christian in Egypt are up in arms this week over a controversial book issued as a free supplement with this month’s Al-Azhar magazine, describing Christianity as a Religion of “idolatry” and claiming that the Holy Bible is a misquotation of the original one.

The book was published by State-owned corporations that are financed by taxpayers, Christians as well as Muslims.

The controversial book is titled “Scientific Report” and authored by Dr. Muhammad Imarah, a member of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy (IRA), which is affiliated with the Ministry of Religious Endowments. The book discusses Christian dogma, casts doubts over it, and asserts that Christianity is a “religion of polytheism.”

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Brutalt overfald på ældre mand

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Nogen der kan oplyse mig om formålet?

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“Hvis vi ikke må lave ballade, så laver vi ballade”

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Politiets nul-tolerance og masseanholdelser øger risikoen for uroligheder sidst på ugen, mener man i aktivist-miljøet.

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