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3 december 2009

Fredens religion: Hvad foretager de sig egentlig, når de er på pilgrimsfærd til Mekka?

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Muslimer bør trække deres penge ud af schweiziske banker

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Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks Egemen Bagis has urged Muslim nations to withdraw their money from Swiss banks.

Selvmordsepidemi blandt udenlandske stuepiger i Libanon kaster lys på misbrug

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A recent spate of suicides by foreign maids in Lebanon is prompting outrage among human rights groups, who say the government is doing too little to protect migrant domestic workers from severe abuse.

Over the past seven weeks at least 10 women have died, either by hanging themselves or by falling from tall buildings. Six of these cases have been reported in local media as suicides and four more have been described as possible work accidents.


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GUN-toting members of a new Birmingham teenage gang are boasting about becoming suicide bombers, it was claimed last night.

The chillingly named Bang Bang Taliban have told community workers they want to dominate the city’s gangland – and that they would gladly be “martyred” as Islamist terrorists.

The gang, thought to be linked to the notorious Burger Bar Boys, mainly consists of Asian youngsters from the Handsworth area.

A group calling themselves The Bang Bang Taliban have posted rapping videos about gang life on the YouTube website.

In the songs, the singers boast about shooting rivals, using knives on other gang members and carrying out armed robberies.

Fuld muslim voldtager og dræber dreng på moske toilet

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A young Pakistani boy was raped and killed in the bathroom of a mosque in Dubai on Friday.

The man who allegedly raped and murdered the six-year-old boy has been arrested. Dubai Police said they received information that a Pakistani child was found dead in the bathroom of a mosque located in Al Qusais on Friday.

He confessed to the crime during interrogation. He said he consumed alcohol late into the night on Thursday and went to the mosque to perform Eid prayers on Friday and returned home.

Palarabisk kvinde knivstikker israelsk grænsevagt

Mere på Jihad Watch

Italiens indenrigsminister støtter folkeafstemning om minaretforbud

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Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni on Wednesday said he had “no objections” to a referendum proposing a ban on mosque minarets in the country.

“Someone has proposed carrying out a referendum here: I have no objections,” said Maroni.

Maroni is a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party and junior coalition partner of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government.

“I consider the referendum, a key expression of popular sovereignty, and although it could be done by passing a law, I think this is less important. It is important to recognise what people want,” said Maroni.

Jean Ziegler: L’islam est une religion de la tolérance, de la bonté, de l’amour.

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Desværre kun på fransk. Mere på Gallia Watch – på engelsk.

Hussein Obama sagde i Cairo: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

Hvor var muslimerne egentlig i USA’s historie?

Britisk antisemitisme

On 1st December 2009, there was a pro-Israel rally outside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign ‘Christmas concert’ at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church on Tuesday December 1st, starting at 6pm.

The carol concert featured Caryl Churchill, author of the antisemitic play Seven Jewish Children, which demonises Israel and suggests that Israeli parents teach their children to hate Arabs.

The leader of the Church, Vicar Simon Perry disgracefully buys into the PSCs propaganda. He supports the event and believes people here would endorse the PSC. He supports a boycott of Israeli goods and fails to see anything antisemitic about Seven Jewish Children.

Those protesting did so because the event was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, whose agenda goes far beyond working for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel. The PSC supports the terrorist organisation Hamas whose Charter seeks the genocide of Jews and the destruction of Israel. The PSC was responsible for the appallingly biased TUC Congress statement on Israel which demonised that country.

David Gifford, Chief Executive, Council for Christians and Jews says this church is politicising the Christmas message. A Christmas carol service should be about the message of Christmas and by politicising that, it misses the point.

Mere hos Atlas Shrugs

UK: Muslimer kaster æg på sekulær muslimsk politiker

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Mere Video.

Mens Ægyptens muslimer kritiserer schweizernes minaretforbud råber Ægyptens kristne hykleri

As Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa lashed out at Switzerland voters’ decision to ban minaret construction in the European country on Monday, Christians in the Arab country have voiced their concern of what they are calling the “hypocrisy” of Egyptian society.

They question whether Egypt, which has been forceful in its refusal to allow the construction of churches in recent years, is in a position to criticize the Swiss move.

“We received this initiative in sorrow and it is considered as a humiliation for the Muslim community in and out of Switzerland,” Gomaa said in comments published by daily newspaper Al-Akhbar.

The Mufti expressed his concerns about the decision which he said would deepen Muslims’ feeling of discrimination and is an insult to the faith.

“This proposal…is not considered just an attack on freedom of beliefs, but also an attempt to insult the feelings of the Muslim community in and outside Switzerland,” Gomaa added.

But, for Christians in Egypt, they are demanding honesty as critics asunder argument upon argument against the Swiss move, which was not supported by business circles, the government or religious leaders.

“I was shocked to hear of what happened in Switzerland, but to be honest, I find it even more strange that Muslim leaders are saying what they are saying when almost the exact same thing happens in Egypt,” said Maged Idris, a local pharmacist in Cairo. “They should not be so quick to judge that’s all.”

Coptic lawyer Naguib Gobrail, a firebrand leader, has voiced his concern over Gomaa and others’ statements over the Swiss vote. He said that Egyptians should see the realities of their own country before criticizing the European nation. He argued that until Egypt makes it nearly impossible for new churches to be built, “so why should they have any right to say the things they are saying.”

He added that their statements are an “insult to Christians” living in Egypt who have been forced to face “injustice upon injustice over their basic rights.” He continued to say that no matter what leaders in the country say, Christians know the truth.

A number of activists on the social-networking site, Twitter, agree with Gobrail’s sentiments. They said that if a vote were to be had in Egypt, a vast majority of Egyptians would vote against allowing churches to be constructed.