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16 oktober 2009

Palarabernes miskalkulationer

Freij verbalized what many analysts and Arab leaders will not admit today – that the Palestinians could have prevented the building of most Jewish settlements in addition to achieving their own independence had they accepted any one of the numerous offers for statehood.

President Obama has called for Israel to freeze all settlement activity. Obama’s policy has given the Arab states a free pass to avoid any constructive steps to normalize relations with Israel and dovetails with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s position that the Palestinians will not be pressured into resuming peace talks with Israel as long as construction in Jewish settlements continues. Together, the policy of the administration and the Arabs guarantees the settlement population will only grow.

Bethlehem Mayor Elias Freij understood the folly of this policy when he said in 1991, “The Palestinians now realize that time is now on the side of Israel, which can build settlements and create facts, and that the only way out of this dilemma is face-to-face negotiations.”


Few Israelis today are willing to risk giving up land in the West Bank that could become a launching pad for rockets that would threaten Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Læs hele den glimrende artikel på Frontpage Magazine

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