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24 juni 2009

De europæiske lederes hykleri

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WITH their usual brazen hypocrisy, the leaders of the European Union have been wailing about the democratic crisis in Iran.

They have expressed their “concern” about “irregularities” in the recent elections, and “condemned” the reaction of the ruling authorities against protestors demanding reform.

Yet these are the same politicians who have taken a battering ram to European democracy in their determination to build a federal superstate.

Obsessed with strengthening the power of the EU’s unaccountable elite, they have systematically ignored the will of the people, ruthlessly trampling over national rights and local freedoms.

Like the mullahs of Iran, the eurocrats simply ignore election results which do not suit them.

That is certainly what happened over the recent EU Constitution, drawn up in 2004 to accelerate the process of political integration and establish an EU Presidency.

Mere på Daily Express

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