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16 juni 2009

Islamisk Al-Misse.

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Ifølge koranen skal den rige give almisse til den fattige. Og i praksis…?

olierigdom“Yemen is the Arab world’s poorest nation — and one of its most unstable — making it fertile territory for al-Qaida to set up camp.” — from this article

And right next to Yemen is Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s richest nation and, per capita, one of the richest nations on earth, surpassed only by the tiny sheikdoms along the Gulf that, like Saudi Arabia, have received trillions of dollars since 1973 alone. Yet we, the Americans and Europeans and even Japan, are expected to pay for all the economic ills of the Muslim states that do not possess oil wealth (that, and the Jizyah of foreign aid from Infidels, is what keeps the Arab states going, now that there are no large non-Muslim populations to exploit and plunder) — in order, so it is said, to prevent “widespread poverty” from making the population susceptible to Al Qaeda.

But the reason for the “widespread poverty” is Islam itself, not only its resistance to “bida” (innovation) — which also means resistance to real, secular education — but also the inshallah-fatalism that Islam naturally encourages, and an all-encompassing belief-system that views everything non-Muslim with permanent and deep hostility. That is because Believers in Islam are encouraged to be “slaves of Allah” and never to think for themselves, or even exercise their own moral judgment (for “‘Allah Knows Best”). This is not limited to those who would in any society not be capable of thinking for themselves, but is far more widespread than among non-Muslim peoples. Thus “poverty” is — without oil wealth — a condition among Muslim peoples and polities that can reasonably be attributed to the effects of Islam.
Continue reading “Fitzgerald: We insist: the Saudis should aid other Muslim states” (Tip: Jihad Watch).

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  1. Bærmen bruger ofte dette med at koranen fordrer den rige til at give almisse til den fattige, som en universal godhed hos muslimer. Manipulationen ligger i, at vi er opdraget til at forholde os til næsten som en ud af hele menneskeheden og derfor let falder for tricket og tror at alle fattige er omfattet af den muslimske almisse.
    Ligesom vi præciserer at denne lov ikke omfatter Færøerne og Grønland, bør vi altid præcisere, at den muslimske almisse kun er forbeholdt muslimer.


    Kommentar af Menig 442 — 17 juni 2009 @ 22:20

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