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16 juni 2009

Vi gør en undtagelse og bruger venstrefløjsmetoder.

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Balladen i Iran ser ud til at udvikle sig hen imod en egentlig protest mod det islamiske styre.

dos_angrebNormalt går vi ind for ubegrænset ytringsfrihed. Punktum. For Loke såvel som for Thor. Neden under dette klare udsagn ligger imidlertid et problem som ligner begrebet tolerence. Skal man tolerere intolerencen? – I dette tilfælde, hvor et facistisk regime i 30 år har undertrykt ethvert tilløb til kritik, mener vi at kunne forsvare en – midlertidig – undtagelse. Uden at vi dermed tilslutter os Uffes og den øvrige venstrefløjs moralske kollaps:

Vi opfordrer vore læsere til at deltage i et verdensomspændende DDoS-angreb (Distributed Denial of Service) mod Mullah-regimet i Iran. Grunden hertil er, at samme regime har lukket for al kommunikation ud af landet, i et forsøg på at kvæle de protesterendes mulighed for at vise os, hvad der foregår.

Hvis man ikke selv orker at sætte en server op til formålet (vejledning og script findes på siden), kan man via nedenstående side deltage blot ved et klik. Så kan man gå i seng og lade computeren køre hele natten – eller hvor længe det nu tager at bringe mullah’erne ud af flippen.  KLIK.

UPDATE: Det lader til at den pågældende side er blevet kapret af “Daily Kos”, som fraråder at deltage i aktionen. Deres argument herfor forekommer mig tvivlsomt, al den stund de demonstrerende næppe har adgang til mullah-regimets servere og i stedet bruge udenlandske proxy-servere. Desuden er “Daily Kos” en venstreorienteret side, som ikke just er kendt for sin frihedstrang endsige objektivitet, men tværtimod befinder sig på tyranniernes side, inclusive det iranske. Måske betaler mullah’erne dem for denne tjeneste…?

Islamisk Al-Misse.

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Ifølge koranen skal den rige give almisse til den fattige. Og i praksis…?

olierigdom“Yemen is the Arab world’s poorest nation — and one of its most unstable — making it fertile territory for al-Qaida to set up camp.” — from this article

And right next to Yemen is Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s richest nation and, per capita, one of the richest nations on earth, surpassed only by the tiny sheikdoms along the Gulf that, like Saudi Arabia, have received trillions of dollars since 1973 alone. Yet we, the Americans and Europeans and even Japan, are expected to pay for all the economic ills of the Muslim states that do not possess oil wealth (that, and the Jizyah of foreign aid from Infidels, is what keeps the Arab states going, now that there are no large non-Muslim populations to exploit and plunder) — in order, so it is said, to prevent “widespread poverty” from making the population susceptible to Al Qaeda.

But the reason for the “widespread poverty” is Islam itself, not only its resistance to “bida” (innovation) — which also means resistance to real, secular education — but also the inshallah-fatalism that Islam naturally encourages, and an all-encompassing belief-system that views everything non-Muslim with permanent and deep hostility. That is because Believers in Islam are encouraged to be “slaves of Allah” and never to think for themselves, or even exercise their own moral judgment (for “‘Allah Knows Best”). This is not limited to those who would in any society not be capable of thinking for themselves, but is far more widespread than among non-Muslim peoples. Thus “poverty” is — without oil wealth — a condition among Muslim peoples and polities that can reasonably be attributed to the effects of Islam.
Continue reading “Fitzgerald: We insist: the Saudis should aid other Muslim states” (Tip: Jihad Watch).

Pæstilensernes knyttede næver…

De hellige krigere bekæmper den søde Jihad-kløe med klør fem.

jernnaeveYNet News: Male Palestinian singles? Not at this beach.

Dead Sea resort beach says will not allow entry to groups of single Palestinian men without families due to frequent complaints of harassment by women. Beach director defends decision: Last weekend several Palestinian youths snuck in and started masturbating in front of tourists.

Men from the Palestinian Authority looking to enter the ‘New Kaliya’ beach on the Dead Sea are not allowed entry if they are alone. Ynet has learned that the beach directorate has decided to allow the men in only if they are with their families, citing repeated complaints of sexual harassment by female patrons.

Danny, a 35-year-old from Tel Aviv, visited the beach on Friday and said he was shocked by the policy being enacted at Kaliya. “I went with two friends and in line behind us were two Arabs. The girl at the register just wouldn’t let them in,” he recalls. As the day progressed Danny said he realized the scene he had witnessed was not an isolated incident. “It kept repeating itself. At one point I asked the people at the register if they really weren’t letting Arabs in and they answered straight out that they were not. One of the workers told me that the men just aren’t let in alone, but families are. I asked why and she said that they bothered the female tourists… she said there’s nothing that can be done, it’s just the way it is. What, Israeli hooligans don’t bother girls – just Arabs?”

The Kaliya administration confirmed the policy, but stressed that entry is only denied to Palestinian Arabs who come to the beach in groups. Manager Itay Rahm told Ynet in response: “This is a very serious problem, not just here but for all the Dead Sea beaches. Based on our experience, we don’t let young Palestinian men in because of numerous harassment complaints. – “They’re not allowed to hit on girls in their villages so they come here to harass them. Just to make a point, the day that man talked about a couple of Palestinian youths managed to sneak in and then started masturbating in front of female tourists.”

He added that Israeli Arabs are able to enter the beach without any problems. “It’s important to stress that we’re talking about Palestinians here, not Israeli Arabs. And this isn’t about racism, we let entire families in because I know that when there are women around they won’t do anything.”

Danske læger er ikke hvad de har været

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Dansk læge dømt for overgreb i Norge

Læs selv videre

Blind med førerhund smidt af bus

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Fordi en kvinde med børn, som talte ‘udenlandsk’ blev hysteriske over hundens tilstedeværelse i bussen.

As part of a Muslim Council of Britain project, Mufti Zubair Butt, Shar’ia advisor to Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS, admitted Muslims “require some education” on guide dogs.

In response to concerns raised about guide dogs in mid-2008, he said: “It is important that one does not impose one’s own understanding upon others, but one shows understanding and compassion for others, their needs and their views, especially in an open communal space and in a country where Muslims are living as a minority.”

Mere på getreading

Ifølge Mr. Butt må det ikke være rart at være blind i et land, hvor muslimerne er i flertal? Hvorfor blev kvinden og børnene ikke smidt af bussen? Hvad sagde de andre passagerer?

Kun en eneste imam i Europa vier muslimske kvinder til ikke-muslimske mænd

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Fredens og tolerancens religion er indrettet således, at muslimske mænd kan gifte sig med ikke-muslimske kvinder men ikke omvendt.

Det medfører at islam hele tiden vokser, mens dhimmiernes antal skrumper ind.

Der findes kun en imam i Europa, der vier muslimske kvinder til ikke muslimske mænd – Dr Taj Hargey i Oxford.

Råddenskab i Rotterdam

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Den hollandske havneby er på sammenbruddets rand.

The city has been hard hit by the economic crisis. Unemployment is already twice the national average and over the next year could match the 20 percent rate of the 90s downturn.

But economics only partially explains why Rotterdam may see blood in the streets this summer.

Rotterdam’s demographics make it the unofficial capital of Eurabia. Its population is half non-Western or of non-Western descent. Muslims make up close to 25 percent of its population. Unskilled, undereducated, and increasingly unemployed workers abound. And segregation — ubiquitous in all large European cities — is extremely acute here. Rotterdam’s ghettos would make Hitler smile.


Because of the generosity and humanity of the Dutch welfare system — and the “sensitivity” of police and Dutch officials to Islam — I’m at an utter loss to understand why Muslim immigrants hold Dutch society in such brazen contempt. Surely life here is far better than in the places they came from. Yet few seem even remotely grateful. And being grateful means — among other things — following the rules, getting a job, learning the language, and accepting the values.

Mere på Pajamas Media

Billeder fra Paradis.

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Selv de mest totalitære regimer har problemer med at censurere internettet.

teheranDet nys afholdte “valg” i Uran har åbenbart aftedskommet uenighed blandt de troende og ført til optøjer. Noget oprør mod mullahkratiet er der næppe tale om, al den stund oppositionens kandidat på forhånd er godkendt af Vogternes Råd. Det skal vel nærmest betragtes som den muslimske udgave af interne skærmydsler mellem f.eks. vores lokale troende i henholdsvis Waffen-SF og Einhetzlisten. Se de aktuelle, flotte billeder HER.

At sådanne fotos overhovedet kan nå ud til den øvrige verden på blot få minutter lover godt. Når selv et af verdens mest repressive regimer ikke kan stoppe hullerne i det ellers så censurerede internet kunne man vel håbe, at heller ikke vore hjemlige censurtilhængere – ingen nævnt, ingen glemt – står umiddelbart foran en succés med deres forehavender.

På den anden side har EUSSR’s Politbyro nok lidt mere fat om det rent tekniske end deres kolleger og åndsfæller i Vogternes Råd…?