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5 juni 2009

Sejrstale fra Geert Wilders

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Læs den på GoV.

“The Netherlands is waking up from a long leftist nightmare. A nightmare of crazy high taxes, crime, lousy care, headscarves and burkas, of pauperizing, of mass immigration and Islamization.”


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Præsident Bar… øh, Barroso er allerede kåret af “those, who must be obeyed”.

Barroso 01Nå, så I troede der var demokrati i Europa? – OK, det er der også. I Schweiz.

EU Referendum: As the European Union member states are lumbering through the ludicrous farce of elections for the Toy Parliament, another aspect of the wondrous system heaves into view. It looks like Commission President Barroso will be re-confirmed in that position for another term, presumably because he has been such a success.

The first inkling I had of it was an article by John Palmer, who “a member of the governing board, and former political director, of the European Policy Centre”. There’s glory for you, as Humpty-Dumpty said.

This does not prevent Mr Palmer talking the most appalling tosh. He does not like Barroso’s reappointment because it is “bad for European democracy”. He seems to be under the impression that the elections for the Toy Parliament have anything to do with the choice of Commission President, in the way that a general election would have a great influence on who becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Imagine a general election where the major parties – the “Conservatives” and “Labour” – both have a reasonable chance of emerging victorious. But at the last minute, the Labour party decides to let the Tory leader have a free go at running the next government even before the votes are cast. In an equally bizarre move, the third-largest party, the “Liberals”, decide that they too will not fight the election, with a candidate seeking appointment as head of the next administration.

Strange as it may seem, this is exactly the situation facing voters in the European elections this week across the 27 member states of the EU. José Manuel Barroso, the sitting conservative president of the European commission – the supra-national executive of the EU, which alone can propose new laws – has already been endorsed for another term as president by the centre-right European Peoples’ party (the equivalent of the Conservatives).

Outrageous. Of course, there is the slight problem that the Commission President is picked by the various politicians behind closed doors and not elected but who is counting.

I wonder what Mr Palmer would say to a scenario in which a country voted in a free and fair referendum against a certain piece of constitutional legislation only to find that it is now required to vote again as the result they returned was the wrong one. Surely that would never happen. The fair name of European democracy would never be sullied in that way. Would it?

Hvad er israelernes største problem?

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Minister Shimon Peres’s politiske rådgiver, Asher Ben-Natan svarede: Vi lyver ikke nær så godt som araberne.

Læs mere på Israpundit.

Mediemøllen: Udenomsparlamentarisme

Tidsskriftet Sappho har fortjenstfuldt fået aktindsigt i et referat af menighedsrådets ekstraordinære møde i sidste uge, hvor den udenomsparlamentariske strategi blev diskuteret og besluttet.

Det er interessant læsning, da det tilsyneladende med relativt simple midler er muligt at korslutte en politisk beslutningsproces uden mindste konsekvens.


Vi har altså to offentligt finansierede institutioner, som målrettet arbejder på at kortslutte politiske beslutningsprocesser i mere eller mindre udtalt samarbejde med oppositionen. Det interessante er, at regeringen synes totalt udmanøvreret i spillet. Men god hjælp fra medierne!

Læs resten af Egon Balsby på Berlingske.

EU Valg

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EU Valg

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Ex-PLO terrorist elsker Israel

Jon Voight for Israel

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Kilde: Democast.

Spanien vil forbyde alle religiøse symboler i det offentlige rum

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The Spanish government will ban all religious symbols from public spaces such as schools, hospitals, barracks, and jails and also in all official ceremonies as the swearing-in ceremony of Ministers, which was, until now, a Bible oath in front of a crucifix.

American Thinker m.fl. om Hussein Obamas tale til den muslimske verden

All in all, Obama’s remarks on Israel and the Palestinians included some welcome truth-saying, along with lots of blindness to the real dangers Israel faces and to continued Arab/Palestinian rejectionism of a genuine two-state solution.

Andrew Bostom: Why The Manchild Hates The Promised Land.

The prevailing reaction of Israelis to US President Barack Obama is one of mistrust, feeling that he is biased in favour of the Palestinian cause, shows a survey conducted before the president’s open speech to the Muslim world, delivered in Cairo today. According to the survey, conducted by two institutes in the University of Tel Aviv and published today by online press agency Ynet, 60% of the Israeli population do not trust that Obama is able to guarantee the security of the state of Israel.

Den Arabiske Liga og EU hilser talen velkommen.

UK: Forhenværende minister sammenligner sharia-domstole med gangstere

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Veteran Tory Lord Tebbit provoked anger among Muslims yesterday by comparing Islamic sharia courts to gangsters.

He likened the tribunals to the ‘system of arbitration of disputes that was run by the Kray brothers’.

Lord Tebbit told the Lords: ‘Are you not aware that there is extreme pressure put upon vulnerable women to go through a form of arbitration that results in them being virtually precluded from access to British law?’

Et “højreekstremistisk parti”…

Denne etiket er obligatorisk, når man er journalist og skriver om Geert Wilder’s Frihedsparti (PVV).

Selv om det igangværende valg af manegeklovner til EUSSR’s Statscirkus ikke har mere betydning end en fis i en hornlygte, kan det da bruges som en slags udvidet meningsmåling. I Holland viser de foreliggende exit-polls, hvorledes landet nu ser ud til at være på kanten af et “højerekstremistisk” jordskred – navnlig i de store industriområder, i byerne og de traditionelle, kommunistiske højborge:

holland_PVVScreendump fra The Brussels Journal.

OPDATERING: Læs om det udemokratiske hollandske valgsystem.

THE HAGUE, 05/06/09 – If it were up to secondary schoolchildren, the Party for Freedom (PVV) would emerge as the biggest party in Holland.

Optællingen af stemmer forbi: 4 mandater til PVV.


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Danmarks Riges Grundlov.

Fuck…………….hvad står der øverst på siden? Over Grundloven!

Undskyld bandeordet.

Panik i EU

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Europaparlamentets præsident Pöttering tigger vælgerne om ikke at stemme på ‘ekstremister’.

Voters must put aside their anger over national scandals in tomorrow’s European elections to counter the threat of extremism, Brussels is warning. Punishing governments over domestic political crises will benefit far-Right or  far-Left candidates, said the president of the European Parliament.

Mere på Daily Mail

Mon ikke de efterhånden ved, hvilken vej vinden blæser – The Wind of Change. Og når han ligefrem tigger om det – må det jo være, fordi det gør en forskel!

Frihedens stemme i EU

Mere her.

Dhimmi manual for græsk politi

Proper Behavior Manual” distributed the Greek Internal Affairs Ministry about the attitude towards Muslims.

The publication consists of instructions for policemen and how they should behave in order to finish their jobs without provoking anger among the Mohamed followers. About ten days ago a Greek policeman, tore a piece of paper, which had quotes from the Koran by accident and provoked a strong angry wave among the Muslim immigrants in Athens.

The manual advises on how to arrest Muslims in police stations, in what way authorities should enter the mosques, how the Muslim fasting should be respected, the immigrants right to pray 5 or 6 times per day, not to take off the veils from the women’s faces. The policemen are advised to take off their shoes before entering a mosque for check-up, they need to be careful when searching a Muslim house and to abstain from tearing Arab papers, which might turn out to be quotes from the Koran, they also need to be very careful with any amulets they encounter.

The authorities have been warned that even the slightest mistake can lead to serious religious riots.

Hvorfor smider de dem ikke ud i stedet? Grækerne og tyrkerne er dødsfjender så vidt jeg ved.

Hege Storhaug på Frontpagemag om Dronningens nye klæder

On May 25 Queen Sonja of Norway visited the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) in Oslo.

SonjaShe entered the mosque wearing a shawl, and when she put out her hand to greet a male representative of the mosque he refused to shake it.  Was the Queen informed beforehand of the ICC’s ideological platform?  I strongly doubt that she was, since I consider the Queen a thoughtful and intelligent person.


Al-Qaeda vil betale 60 millioner dollar for hans hovede

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Islams fjende nummer 1.

Interview på Frontpagemag.

Om programmet og Quatraro Mysteriet

I ti afsnit på DR2 forsøger Mikael Bertelsen og Mads Brügger at opklare Quatraro Mysteriet.

De finder spor, bliver ledt på vildspor, forsøger at opstøve øjenvidner, der ikke findes og finder afhøringer i politirapporten, der aldrig har fundet sted.

Undervejs falder de over et EU, som de ikke vidste eksisterede – et EU, hvor rygter om mafiarelationer, frimureri og fælles hukommelsestab florerer.