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29 maj 2009

Magtfuld pædofil i Europa-Parlamentet og EU’s arrogance

Irish Daily Mail: Pedophilia and the dark heart of the EU’s parliament.

Here we are, a few words about Brussels and how it feels about child abuse. I’ll move onto the elections for the European parliament in a moment, but given the horrors of the Ryan report last week, I thought that you ought to know how seriously the euro-elite treat any suggestion of improper behaviour by adults towards children.

In other words I give you Daniel Cohn Bendit, an MEP for the German Green Party. He is a self-confessed kiddie-fiddler, but pulling down his trouser zip for tiny children hasn’t stopped him becoming one of the most influential members of parliament. Here is his story. Keep in mind this man has more power over the legislation of this country than does any member of the Dail.

Mr Cohn-Bendit is better known as Dany the red of the 1968 Paris Barricades. He is a kind of mid-century leftover leftie who was active in squatting, street fighting and agitation before he re-invented himself as a Green and was elected to the European parliament.


But let me give you another example of how ’seriously’ the euro-elite take the protection of children. You may remember the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium. It could be called the most horrific example of child rape and murder in Europe since the war.

Known as the beast of Belgium, Dutroux is now serving a life sentence for a series of child kidnappings, rapes and murders in 1995-96. He kept some of his victims locked in a dungeon he had built in his basement. Two eight-year-old girls starved to death there after Dutroux was arrested and served a short prison sentence for car theft: his wife didn’t bother to open the dungeon door to feed the girls.

Part of the great mystery and scandal that accompanied the case was the relentless incompetence of the authorities, at that time led by the Justice Minister, Melchior Wathelet. For years, as victims were kidnapped and murdered, police files were full of reports and tip-offs that Dutroux was selling young girls. Yet Dutroux stayed free. In the end Mr Wathelet was forced to resign in disgrace. And his reward for incompetence in the administration of Justice was – to be appointed a judge at the European Court of Justice.


But still back to the elections of the European parliament. And that also takes us back to the arrogance of the euro-elite. Just in case it had slipped past you, the voters of Europe are supposed to be voting to determine the membership of the next European parliament which, under existing European law, that is to say, the Nice Treaty, will have 736 seats. But the euro-elites are manoeuvring to make the voters elect 754 MEPs – that is, to elect an extra 18 politicians to the lushly-paid parliament, even though these politicians will have no seat to fill. The euro-elite want the 18 to have full salary, full tax-free allowance for every day they turn up at the European parliament building, full expenses, business-class travel allowances and all the rest. The 18 will be given everything except a job.

The excuse given? That the Lisbon Treaty allows for the creation of an extra 18 seats. So even though the treaty is not yet ratified, the 18 extra politicians ought to be elected and paid as MEPs until the Lisbon Treaty comes into force. Note that arrogance: the treaty has not yet been ratified, and indeed,
may yet come totally off the rails if Gordon Brown is forced to call a general election in the Britain. It may never become law. Yet the euro-elite intends to ignore that fact. They expect the European voters, sheep that we are all assumed to be (and given the docility of the Irish in accepting a second referendum yet again, we have certainly proved to be sheep) to ‘baaaa-baaaa’ their way into the polling booths and deliver 754 MEPs for 736 seats.


I will remind you of just a few examples of how the euro-elite have been for years seizing important new powers which were supposed to theirs only after the treaty was made law by the member states. There is the European Space Policy (which is now developing military use for the European Gallileo GPS system),the European Defence Agency, the borders agency called Frontex, and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Each of these institutions was meant to be created only after the ratification of the European Constitution. When that collapsed, and even before it was re-packaged as the Lisbon Treaty, the euro-elite used legal trickery to start constructing these new institutions anyway.

To repeat: European law is whatever the euro-elite say it is.

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  1. Bare tak for denne indlaeg. Jeg er jo tysk, men jeg haaber, at vi kan samle vores frihedskraefter i europa for at staa imod disse moerke kraefter.
    Paa tysk kunne jeg sige meget mere til islamiseringen, jeg er jo kun en, som var en elev paa Duborg-skole i Flensborg (en dejlig tid).
    Jeg lytter sammen med mine fem boern til danske frihedsblogger.


    Kommentar af OmaMeume — 29 maj 2009 @ 19:38

  2. I Danmark stiller dømte pædofile stille og roligt op til kommunevalg uden at der lyder et ramaskrig:

    Den homoseksuelle Flemming Oppfeldt der efter en skandaløs mild dom (der oven i købet var betinget) for via internettet at have lokket drenge helt ned til 13 år til homosex, stiller nu igen op for partiet Venstre.

    Foruden denne forbrydelse blev han sigtet for: “bl.a. for et overgreb på en 14-årig dreng, for forsøg på at købe drenge under 18 år til sex og for »under groft misbrug af sin alder og erfaring« at have forført og forsøgt at forføre flere 15-17-årige.”

    Sex-dømte Flemming Oppfeldt om comeback: Jeg har lagt fortiden bag mig

    ‘Venstre ved man hvor man har’

    På Venstres kandidatliste til Kommunevalget 2009 i Furesø Kommune kan man ikke kun stemme på to tyrkere (Hasan Huseyin Mor og Sidika Nazli Yalin) også stemme på den dømte børnelokker Flemming Oppfeldt, kun fire år efter forbrydelsen fandt sted.


    Kommentar af Balder — 30 maj 2009 @ 03:01

  3. Cohn-Bandit er såvidt jeg kan forstå aldrig retsforfulgt for det.


    Kommentar af Hodja — 30 maj 2009 @ 10:17

  4. Det bør også nævnes, at den homosexuelle og pädofilvenlige organisation RFSL (Riksförbundet för Sexuellt Likaberättigande) i 2007 fik observatørsstatus i FN og dermed kan deltage i deres konferencer og tilbyde “expert”hjælp indenfor områder som menneskerettigheder, sundhedsspørgsmål og bistand.


    Kommentar af G. Johnsen — 30 maj 2009 @ 15:41

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