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8 maj 2009

Allah-hu-Akbar: Giv os i dag vor daglige gris.

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Den stakkels muselmand er sulten. Må hans bønner blive hørt!

Malaysian Insider: Lecturer lodges report over YouTube clip insulting Islam

PENANG, May 8 — A lecturer with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) today lodged a police report over a video clip which allegedly insulted and belittled Islam. – The lecturer in the USM Communications Department, Prof Madya Muhammad Hatta Muhammad Tabut said the video clip lasting 1 minute 23 seconds was posted in the website YouTube by someone under the name ‘Streeticeshark’ about two months ago. – “The video clip shows a shirtless man wearing jeans praying toward a verse taken from the Al-Quran and saying, ‘sabda Rasulullah (saw.), marilah kita semua orang Melayu makan babi’ (the Rasulullah (Prophet) said, let us all the Malays eat pork). – “The video clip also showed him mimicking the ‘azan’ or Muslim call for prayer which had been watched by 9,032 visitors to the international video-archiving website,” he told reporters after making the police report at the Jalan Patani Police Station, here. – Muhammad Hatta said he had made an investigation and the Internet Protocol (IP) of the address showed that it was registered in Kota Baharu, Kelantan. — Bernama.

Meningsdannernes totale fiasko.

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Aviser, TV, skoler og kulturparnasserne har slidt og slæbt, stridt og stræbt – og det hele forgæves. Virkeligheden er stærkest.

rightDaily Star: Nearly two-thirds of Brits think Muslims living in the UK are not loyal to our country. – Only 36% of us think we can trust them, says a new Gallup poll.

And inter-race experts fear the image of peaceful Muslims has been seriously damaged by a few ranting fundamentalists, such as Anjem Choudary, 41, and Abu Izzadeen, 33. Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, told the Daily Star: “There are many people who don’t feel it’s their country any more. – “There is a very considerable feeling of alienation among white Brits. “All the major decisions that have been taken on big subjects like immigration and Europe have been made without asking their opinions.”

He went on: “It’s not surprising that a large percentage of non-Muslims think Muslims are not loyal. Every day we see reports of Muslims who are trying to attack this country. “It’s very hard to do a positive spin on 7/7 or the Luton protests. – “It’s not surprising people see a link between fundamentalists and the wider Muslim community.”

The poll also found that up to a fifth of Muslim residents felt no allegiance to Britain. “This means up to half a million,” said Mr Murray. “It’s in this pool that terrorists can find their recruitment area.”

Kløe i knaphullet, kære honoratiores? – Glem det!

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Som P.A. Heiberg sagde: ordener hænger man på idioter.  Nu må vi finde på noget andet at hænge på dem.Queen_EDannebrogsordenen

Hvis nogen på vor samfundsstiges allerhøj’ste top drømmer om at blive kommandører, riddere eller storkorsbærere af Dannebrogsordenen, så er der dårlige tidender fra Great Bumfuckistan.

The Times: An honour established by the Queen has been declared unlawful after Muslims and Hindus complained that its Christian name and cross insignia were offensive.

The Trinity Cross of the Order of Trinity was established by the Queen 40 years ago to recognise distinguished service and gallantry in the former colony of Trinidad and Tobago. It has been received by 62 people including the cricketers Garfield Sobers and Brian Lara, the novelist V. S. Naipaul and many of the islands’ leading politicians and diplomats.

The Privy Council in London has ruled that the decoration is unconstitutional because it discriminates against non-Christians. Five British law lords said that the creation of the honour breached the right to equality and the right to freedom of conscience and belief. The implications of the ruling on British decorations are being studied by lawyers at the Cabinet Office, which oversees the honours system. A spokesman said: “We have noted the judgment and are monitoring the situation.”

A parliamentary review of British honours has already recommended streamlining the system with new titles that have no reference to Christian saints or symbols.

Tyvebande fik en lyndom

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Fire mænd fra Chile blev i dag ved Retten i Glostrup idømt hver 30 dages fængsel, hvorefter de vil blive udvist

Læs det her

Hvorfor reverterede de ikke, så havde de fået en lejlighed?

Det er med forundring man ser, at andre kan true folk på livet og massevoldtage små piger uden konsekvens, mens chilenske smårapserier prompte får konsekvens. (Er det ikke racistisk?).

Irland er ikke alene.

Tjekkiet og Polen ved også noget om totalitære systemer.

flag_czech flag_ireland poland_flag
Den pan-europæiske bevægelse “Libertas” blev startet af den irske politker Declan Ganley i køvandet på irernes NO til Forfatningstraktaten Lissabontraktaten. Bevægelsen er ganske vist i princippet tilhænger af EU, men ikke for dets ‘udvikling’ i retning af en totalitær, tyrkisk-nordpakistansk dhimmi-provins. Den opstiller kandidater til Mickey Mouse-Parlamentet i de fleste EUSSR-gouvernementer – dog vistnok ikke i Danmark:

Ireland is “not on its own with regard to the Lisbon Treaty, whatever Brussels might want people to think” Libertas Leader, Declan Ganley has said.  Ganley was responding to comments made by European politicians following the vote on the Treaty in the Czech Senate.

Commenting, Mr. Ganley said:

“Across Europe, people will be disappointed that the Czech Senate bowed to the bullying and browbeating of Brussels.  Libertas is pleased that President Klaus has indicated that he will stand firm beside the people of Ireland and will not ratify it without their consent.  We are also thankful to the President of Poland, who has said that he will also stand by the people of Ireland and will not ratify Lisbon without their consent.

People have claimed that Ireland is ‘isolated’, when in fact we’re simply representing the majority of European opinion here. We remain an independent, sovereign, and proud nation.  We know all too well that the solutions to the economic crisis are not to be found in a Brussels engorged with more power and free from all democratic oversight, as would happen under Lisbon. The solutions are instead to be found in a Europe which listens to its own people.  Now more than ever, Europe must heed our concerns, and respond to great issues like the economic crisis – something which the brutal assault on democratic decisions in France, Ireland, and the Netherlands shows that Brussels today is incapable of.

Whatever the elites in Brussels say, this Treaty is still dead.  If there is another referendum in Ireland, it will be defeated.

Trykkefrihedsselskabet – vor tids “Frit Danmark”.

Ikke alle intellektuelle er affable, sleskende leflere og politisk korrekte lakajer.

wilders_hedegaardPravda I Pilestræde fnyser: Trykkefrihedsselskabet er træt af politisk ævl og kævl om regeringens konference om ytringsfrihed. Nu inviterer organisationen selv Geert Wilders til København.

Geert Wilders kommer til Danmark uanset om statsministeren eller andre bryder sig om det eller ej. I månedsvis har politikerne diskuteret om den omstridte hollandske islamkritiker skal inviteres til regeringens konference om ytringsfrihed og antiradikalisering til efteråret.

Det er blevet for meget for den private forening Trykkefrihedsselskabet, der nu skærer igennem det politiske ævl og kævl, arrangerer deres egen konference om ytringsfrihed og inviterer Geert Wilders. Konferencen har temaet “Ytringsfriheden og Islam”. Trykkefrihedsselskabet mener ikke, at Danmark kan være de seneste måneders mummespil bekendt, hverken over for udlandet eller over for den danske befolkning. Statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) har tidligere udtalt, at han ikke synes, at Geert Wilders er “det mest oplagte bud” på en taler ved konferencen, mens regeringspartneren De Konservative og støttepartiet DF presser på for at få ham med. – Siden regeringen åbenbart ikke kan finde sine ben i denne sag, men bliver ved med at udsætte beslutningen om denne vigtige begivenhed, tager vi nu affærer, udtaler selskabets formand Lars Hedegaard.

Geert Wilders, der er leder af det højreorienteret parti, Frihedspartiet, blev kendt over hele verden, da han lavede den islamkritiske film “Fitna”. Storbritannien nægtede i 2009 Wilders indrejse på grund af hans islamkritiske holdninger. Wilders optrådte sidst i Danmark i juni sidste år på en konference, der ligeledes var arrangeret af Trykkefrihedsselskabet. Konferencen finder sted den 14. juni i Landstingssalen på Christiansborg.