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6 maj 2009

Der går frygtelige og skandaløse rygter om den Saudi-Barbariske kong Abdullah – vogteren af islams allerhelligste mosker

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Er han pædofil? Dyrker han blodskam? Er han bøsse, alkoholiker, hustru- eller børnemishandler?


Ja måske – men rygterne er meget meget værre.

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Allah i majonæse…..

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Ketchup, remoulade…. etc

Giv dog den mand en fadbamse.

Geert Wilders er ikke Løkke-Lars’ kop the. Men siden hvornår drikker mænd the?

fadbamseAt regeringen ikke inviterer Geert Wilders betyder jo ikke at vi andre ikke kan gøre det. Gad nok se om Løkke-Lars så vil mobilisere Grænsegendarmeriet og spærre med farver og med pæle…

Jeg har iøvrigt ladet mig fortælle at regeringen (en pilrådden, synkefærdig plimsoller hvor Løkke-Lars har overtaget det knækkede rat efter Anders Fup og nu sejler forvildet rundt med noget vraggods af en besætning bestående af lige dele sippede, the-drikkende gimper og gildede, vandkæmmede, præsenile futmælksmatroser i alle aldre) mener at Geerts tilstedeværelse i dronningeriget vil afskrække nogle barbar-stater fra at deltage i den såkaldte ‘klima-konference’.

Jeg forstår for en gangs skyld tankegangen: hvis man tilhører ‘The Church of Glow-Bull Wormening’ og i den anledning vil opføre et klimakterie klima-stunt er araberne selvskrevne. De har nemlig løsningen: når islam tager over ophører al produktion og dermed forbruget af energi. Samtidig elimeneres alle vantro, d.v.s. fire femtedele af klodens befolkning med samt deres methan-flatulens og udåndede kuldioxyd. Om de tilbageværende hellige så har tænkt sig at æde råolie, får stå hen…

Men den tid, den sorg. Først og fremmest skal konferencen styrke det lokale, københavnske erhversliv: bryggerierne, spritfabrikkerne, gourmet-restauranterne og bordellerne kommer på overarbejde så skatterne fosser ind i statskassen.
Bagefter kan Løkke-Lars så drikke tynd the med Birthe Rønn og de andre tanter af begge køn – hvis han da kan lære at stritte med lillefingeren…

Teologisk diskussion i OIC’s akademiske afdeling

International Islamic Fiqh Conference diskuterede forleden religionsfrihed og herunder begrebet apostasi.

Several others were adamant in their refusal to the demand for a lighter approach toward apostates in the name of freedom of religion.

“The view that Islamic scholars of the past had different views on how to punish apostates is incorrect. They only disagreed on how soon apostates should be executed; should it be done in three days, one week or few months. The waiting time is left to the discretion of the ruler,”

said Muhammad Al-Nujaimi, a professor at the Higher Institute of Law in Riyadh.

Ægyptens massemord på svin er et led i tvangsislamisering

Why has the government decided to destroy all Egyptian swine?

The answer is simple, its part of the forced Islamization which has been planned for over fifty years.

The Islamization of Egypt started with Nasser by nationalizing Coptic, Jews, and foreign companies. Jews as well as Italians, Greeks, English, and others were kicked out. Copts were treated in a different way but the final result was to force them to leave the country or to become the poorest citizens of Egypt.

The Zabaleen is one of the sad Coptic realities of Egypt . They are the result of discrimination and oppression.

The plan to remove the swine from the land of Pharos has been pending for over three years in the parliament. When the regime found the right opportunity they were able to kill two birds with one stone:

The pig is an insane animal as per Muslims, killing it satisfied insisting requests made by their leaders.

Oppressing that trade would result in making the zabaleen even more poor so they would have to leave the country or their religion.

Voice of the Copts is committed to strengthening the voice of those who are suffering in Egypt; we will not stand without exposing the Egyptian regime’s plans.

We are calling on the sensibility of the governments of free countries and their congresses. The human rights organizations are to press the Egyptian regime to stop that massacre.

Our efforts will not stop until that massacre stops. Copts in Egypt have the right to live their life with dignity and respect and we will fight to achieve that goal no matter the cost.

Mere om den muslimske verdens kamp mod kristne.

Muslimske unge i Tyskland: Aggressive machoer eller pandemisk ekstremisme

Finally, someone has dared to publicly talk about Muslim youth in Germany and their reckless, aggressive behavior.

The German radio, WDR5, broadcast a two-hour live talk show called “Hallo Ü-Wagen” on April 25, 2009, to find out why Muslim youth are so aggressive and fanatic. Julitta Münch, the moderator of this program, invited several specialists to discuss the topic.

Over two hours, the majority of the participating specialists and the public depicted an egregious picture of Muslim youth – in particular, the males among them.

Ms. Münch, noted at the outset of her show that she had invited many teachers, especially female ones, but none turned up. She assumed they were scared to speak up against their Muslim youth. 

Mansour Ahmed, a Palestinian social worker in Berlin who daily deals with Muslim youth and their families, said that more than 30% of Muslim young men are “very violent.”


Female teachers, in particular, are afraid of Muslim young men at German schools. Rothin said, she attended a class at a school in Hamburg whose most of its students are Turks and Arabs. At the beginning of the class there were 29 students. At the end only 8 students remained seated in the class. The rest left the class without any excuse. As Rothin asked the teacher why she allowed that to happen, the teacher said, “I’m scared. I cannot do anything against that. And the head teacher tries to hush all this up.” Mr. Grimm, a man from the public and one who is well-informed about what is going on in German schools, intervened and said, “The ministry of Education sent out several decrees to schools urging head teachers not to follow up wrong doing by the Muslim youth.”

At another school, Rothin overheard a Muslim student talking disrespectfully to one of his female teachers. He told his teacher, “I can go and come whenever I please. Therefore, and never ask me what I’m doing. It’s none of your business. OK?!”


Muslim radicalism in Europe and across the globe is pandemic and must be confronted and eradicated, like any other virus. Sticking our head in sand like an ostrich is futile.

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Afghanistans eneste gris er i karantæne

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Afghanistans eneste svin bor i Kabul Zoo – nu er den kommet i karantæne.

Læs videre her

Geert Wilders ikke velkommen i Danmark – britiske tilstande?

It appears as if another country has barred Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders because of his outspoken views about Islam and his film Fitna, which intersperses excerpts from the Koran with depictions of Islamic violence.

Following the lead of Great Britain, Denmark has postponed a conference on free speech to which Wilders was invited by the Danish People’s Party.

The conference was scheduled for February, then delayed until June, the Copenhagen Post reports. “But now, according to information received by Berlingske Tidende newspaper, the conference has been delayed again because of government’s concern over Geert Wilders.” The Danish Foreign Ministry fears Muslims will not attend a climate conference in Denmark if Wilders is permitted to warn about the dangers of Islam at the free-speech conference.

This is nothing new for Wilders. In February, Britain denied entry to the Dutch politicians after Nazir Ahmed, a Muslim member of the House of Lords who was born in Pakistan, decided Wilders must not be allowed to speak. Wilders lives under 24-hour guard thanks to a Muslim death threat, but it was he, the British border agency said, who threatened harmony and public security. After that ignominious episode, the French Association for the Defense of Human Rights announced that it wanted the authorities to prosecute Wilders for “hate speech.” AEDH cited a speech he gave at the Hudson Institute in New York in September, which was part of Wilders’ truth-telling crime spree.

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Fostre for jihad

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Jihad er som bekendt en ‘indre kamp’. I dette tilfælde må det vel være fostrets kamp for at komme ud? 😀

Fra Infidels are Cool

Flere hadforbrydelser end ventet

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14 procent af alle voldsofre peger på racisme eller homofobi som den direkte årsag til, at de fik tæv sidste år.

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Selv et uheldigt og dumt forsøg på at beskytte sin ejendom bliver kaldt racisme.

Denne statistik illustrerer vel i højere grad offer-rolle-tendensen og at de betragter samfundet som ‘dem’ og ‘os’ (parallelsamfundet). 

Imamer skal kunne straffes for flerkoneri

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Regeringen har fremlagt forslag om, at de mænd, der tager flere koner, skal kunne udvises af Danmark, mens personen, der udførte vielsen, kan få frataget sin vielsesmyndighed.

Læs videre om regeringens utidige indblanding i folks kultur og religion

Læs selv hvor utidigt det er her

Og så hedder det retteligt  bigyni (en person har to koner). Biandri (en person har to mænd) er næppe tilladt i islam.