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15 marts 2009

DDR og den katolske kirke

Jeg har ikke nogen sympati for den katolske kirkes behandling af sagen om den voldtagne brasilianske pige, der blev ekskommunikeret for derefter at blive taget til nåde.

Men er der andre, der har bemærket, hvor meget DDR har beskæftiget sig med sagen, og hvordan man har omtalt den katolske kirkes \’hensynsløse og ekstreme\’ opførsel.

Mig bekendt foregår der voldtægter i andre dele af verden, som DDR ikke skænker den fjerneste opmærksomhed – selvom de har endnu alvorligere konsekvenser for ofrene???

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  1. Ja,det har jeg og jeg er katolik.
    Lad mig først sige: at jeg på alle måder synes det er en forfærdelig sag.
    Men at DDR radio, kører den sædvanlige antikatolicisme, det er det ikke noget overraskende i.
    Men det store abort tal i Danmark, det sér man ikke som noget problem.

    Hverken etisk.
    F.eks er nogle mennesker begyndt at vælge fra p.ga af kønnet.
    Det kunne man læse i MetroXpress i februar.
    Men Tak til Hodja, for at gøre opmærksom på DDR radios tendiøsitet.


    Kommentar af ridder af dannebrog — 15 marts 2009 @ 23:13

  2. Den katolske kirke er ikke noget at råbe hurra for, men der er sgu stor forskel på islams drab og mishandling af alle og enhver, og så på den katolske kirkes eksklusion af et medlem som går i mod deres (tåbelige) regler.

    Det er så typisk DDR-hykleri at fokusere på de onde kristne, og totalt ignorere islams konstante voldtægt af menneskeheden.


    Kommentar af rettentilselvforsvar — 15 marts 2009 @ 23:47

  3. Muslimer stener voldtægtsofrer, hvis de da ikke begraver dem levende som i Pakistan.


    Kommentar af Vivian — 16 marts 2009 @ 00:46

  4. Father Tomislav Vlašič punished with interdict – a pilgrim’s report

    I sometimes go to visit Medžugorje, a famous place of pilgrimage in Bosnia, about 30 km from Mostar, where the Holy Mother has regularly appeared to six visionaries since 1981. Three of them are visited by the Virgin every day. She communicates messages to the visionaries that help people convert to the faith, asking for atonement with God and people, prayers, fasting, reading of the Holy Scripture, etc.
    Miracles have been known to happen in Medžugorje as well. The local parish chronicle records a number of miraculous healings, including that Frances Russell of Boston who was able to put aside her crutches for good in Medžugorje on April 11, 1996 (Medžugorje News no. 6, 1996). On one of my pilgrimages, I personally met a gentleman from Moravia whose fervent prayers were answered be was able to rise from his wheelchair.
    I have also witness some unusual phenomena in Medžugorje. In March 1996, I heard female voices crying in an unnatural tone near the church roof at the eighth station of the Cross. In the following days, I saw a light green outline of Křiževac hill and the surrounding countryside rise above the horizon near the church. Other pilgrims who were standing close to me at the time saw a cross on top of Křiževac spin. When we climbed Křiževac in the morning, I saw the Sun partially covered by a light, moving host-shaped disc. On June 25, 2001 (the 20th anniversary of the first visitation), with over 200,000 pilgrims present in Medžugorje, I was standing a crowd some 100 m behind the church after the Holy Mass when I saw a black, long, triangular object with uneven edges rise to the air at the right side of the church, spinning around its axis approximately once per second. Four coloured lights were shining on one side of the object. The object slowly flew towards the Moon (for about half a minute) and then disappeared. Later I was told that several people who were inside the church at that time, including at least two Czech pilgrims, could see the upper half of a Virgin Mary figure for nearly 20 minutes. Many other pilgrims could talk about an extraordinary experience as well.
    In addition to regular apparitions, the Blessed Virgin Mary started to reveal to the 11-year old Jelena Vasilj in 1983 through whose mediation she led the prayer group from 1984.
    After eight years, this prayer group developed into “Queen of Peace” Community.

    (Dictated to Jelena Vasilj by the Virgin Mary)

    O Immaculate Heart of Mary, overflowing with goodness,
    Show us Your love for us.
    May the flame of Your heart, O Mary, descend upon all peoples.
    We love you immensely.
    Impress in our hearts a true love, may our hearts yearn for you.
    O Mary, sweet and humble of heart, remember us when we sin.
    You know that we men are sinners.
    Through Your sacred and maternal heart cure us from every spiritual illness.
    Make us capable of looking, at the beauty of Your maternal heart and that thus
    We may be converted by the flame of Your heart.

    In addition to the regular apparitions, the Holy Mother started appearing to 11-year-old Jelena Vasilj in 1983 and has been leading a prayer group through the girl since 1984. The group included Father Tomislav Vlašič, the parish vicar and for three years the pastor of the Medžugorje community. He also organised lectures and seminars where he stressed the importance of being open and receptive to God and every person being able to lead a godly life. The lectures focused on a spiritual journey through gifts and offerings to God, leading to spiritual healing and rebirth of an old person to a new individual. Here are some of his statements:
    “Loving thy neighbour means loving even those who are cruel to us. The wounds we have suffered cannot heal without forgiveness for those who inflicted them, without our becoming “sacrificial love” for them. This is the only way to make peace with the world!”
    “Holy water, fasting, prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ are exceptionally strong tools to protect you against evil. When we completely surrender ourselves to the Lord, we truly lead Satan to despair. All his actions against us end up glorifying God if we surrender ourselves to God.”
    “Our inner order is damaged if we take a fanatical approach to spiritual matters but fail to live them out internally. If we read books about saints and the messages of the Holy Mother but fail to translate them to practice, to our everyday lives. Fanaticism, violence, finding own explanations of the realities of God is the way of the Pharisee and makes it impossible to reach “inspiration”, because in cases like this, inspiration is nothing but a figment of our imagination, superficial a bad interpretation. It is, therefore, of key importance to remain simple and open.”
    Father Vlašič has been living in Italy for several years now and has devoted his life to the spiritual leadership of the Queen of Peace community. The community leads a happy and open life.
    Notes from the testimony of one of the members of Queen of Peace (May 2007):
    “This community was founded based on the Virgin Mary’s wish. It developed from the prayer group led by the Virgin Mary through Her revelation to Jelena Vasilj (since April 1983). The Virgin Mary asked the members of the prayer group to be free for the period of four years only for God (not getting married, etc.). And after eight years this prayer group developed into the community called Queen of Peace. Nowadays, this community has other three houses in Italy.
    The activity of the members is limited within the spaces of the community and within the people related to the community, which is the brotherhood with the number of up to ten members. These groups meet once or twice a week, sometimes even more times. They live as a family and get to know each other profoundly, which purge them from the inside. Each knows each one’s problems. The members help one another and they sacrifice themselves for one another. The task of the members is the contemplative life full of prayers. „Only few people really pray“, says the Virgin Mary. And that is the point – to look at the life through God’s eyes and to accept the truth as it is. The man would not confess some of the things by himself, but when he talks about them with others (who also try to live according to the truth), he stands better in the truth. Without prayers and talking to others the man is not able to accept the difficult and severe things of himself. However, thus he reveals even things he was not recognizing before.

    We always have to face honestly the things our surroundings say, and never close ourselves. Let us be completely frank, and then we shall see light in our prayers. We must not limit our God in what he is supposed to do. Then we shall experience the God’s will in our lives.
    That means the members of the community of Father Vlasic live a contemplative life full of prayers, they work hard, but also talk to each other about their problems and drawbacks and help each other. These principles, which had been introduced into the original prayer group by the Virgin Mary through Jelena Vasilj, were also applied by Sister Elvira in the Cenacolo community, where drug addicts fight their dependence of drugs. After Sister Elvira had introduced these principles into the Cenacolo community, she began to achieve the success exceeding 80 % in the recovery and re-education of the drug addicts, which is not happening in any other centres of this kind. Moreover, the former drug addicts become valuable people, who are better than average people.
    The guidelines provided by the Virgin Mary through Jelena are rather difficult, but in both communities, where they have been applied (although in a completely different way), they bring very good fruits.
    I myself sometimes visit Medjugorje. Therefore it hurt me a lot, when I heard the news that Tomislav Vlasic from Medjugorje was punished with the interdict (http://www.contras.wz.cz/www/view.php?cisloclanku=2008090003, issued on 4 September 2008): “Mr. Tomislav Vlasic was very involved in the Medjugorje fraud – so called revelations of the Virgin. But he found himself at variance with the church authorities and his cause was solved even by the Holy See. The reason why Vatican started to be interested in him is “spreading doubtful theories, manipulation with the conscience, suspicion of mysticism“. Further on, the fruits of the alleged revelations are shown in disobedience and problems against Commandment 6.”
    As we know, even some saints had to go through similar hardships in the history of the Church, for example St. Catherine of Siena. St. Teresa of Avila was not understood by her confessor in the issue of the revelation of Jesus. St. John from the Cross was from the church authority even put in prison. St. Faustina Kowalska was even willing to believe the rumours about her, and her work was not recognized by the Church for some time. Also St. Father Pio from Pietralcina was deemed to be a swindler at the beginning because of his stigmas and he was not allowed to serve the holy mass in public(1931 – 1932; 1960 – 1964. Costanzo cargoni OFMCap.: Sulle orme dei Santi – Il Santorale Cappucino).
    I am convinced that Father Tomislav Vlasic is a saint and spiritual man. I believe that after some time he will be justified. And I hope this time will not take too long.
    Miloslav Triska
    Americká 30
    33601 Blovice
    Czech Republik


    Kommentar af Miloslav Triska — 29 juni 2009 @ 21:46

  5. Stop smoking

    DDR og den katolske kirke | Hodjanernes Blog


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