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18 februar 2009

Dishonest Reporting ‘Award’ 2008

Honest Reporting uddeler priserne for 2008.


Once in a while, reporters cross a line from covering a story to becoming part of it. Usually – like in Los Angeles and Chicago – it’s due to an ethical lapse. But what if a journalist with an axe to grind deliberately becomes a part of the story?

That’s what happened with Mail on Sunday columnist Lauren Booth. Although she’s well-known for being the sister-in-law of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, lesser known is the fact that she works for Iran’s satellite news channel, Press TV – meaning Booth’s on the Iranian payroll.


Stuck in Gaza, Booth continued her so-called “journalism.” In one particularly galling interview with George Galloway, she described Gaza as a “concentration camp,” adding, the situation is “a humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur.”

Læs det hele på Honest Reporting.

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  1. […] Dishonest Reporting ‘Award’ 2008 Gemt under: Antisemitisme, Aviser mm, Hodja, Internationalt, Israel, Journalister, Medier DR m.fl., Palæstina – Libanon — Hodja @ 1:18 pm […]


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  2. Her er en sød grissebasse til Hodja’s samling


    Kommentar af Rolf Krake — 18 februar 2009 @ 15:57

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