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13 februar 2009

God weekend!

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Håber ikke at dette paparazzofoto giver Hodja problemer på Hodjas hjemmefront 😀



God weekend med perlende dialog.

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Vi må nok hellere rette ind, inden det går galt

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Danmark og Storbritannien er i risiko for angreb fra Al Qaida, vurderer lederen af de amerikanske efterretningstjenester

Læs videre her

På næste redaktionsmøde vil jeg foreslå, at vi enten reverterer eller laver Hodjas Blog om til en dhimmi blog.

Send et støtte brev for Geert Wilders

The Lambeth Walk har formuleret et brev til støtte for Geert Wilders.

Kopier det og send det til en/begge af nedenstående adresser:

Dear Mr Miliband/Ms. Smith
I am writing to you regarding the decision to prevent the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders from entering the United Kingdom.

You claim that he is a threat to ‘internal security’, however your government has been directly responsible for several controversial Imams who preach hate on a daily basis being allowed to remain in the UK.

Your government has admitted that it has no idea of the real number of illegal immigrants in the country, yet when it comes to a democratically elected MP from an EU nation, you feel qualified to exercise border control.

Your government recently hosted the Premier of China, a country with an appalling human rights record, without complaint. His visit caused some severe disturbances in London and elsewhere, yet you did not dare to bar him and you would certainly not have had him arrested upon entry. Why is that?

Mr Miliband, to me Britain has always stood for freedom; however your treatment of Mr Wilders is nothing short of bullying. The Netherlands is a small country and a European partner. You hope they would not dare make too much of a fuss about this because you perceive Mr Wilders‘ views as wrong and unpopular; however I can assure you they are neither.

If the British government upholds this ban, I will boycott British goods and/or refrain from travelling to Britain until such a time as the ban is lifted. Britain owes it to the world as a democratic power to uphold the values of free speech it has always held so dear; your government’s hypocrisy is making that impossible. You would not dare to treat an MP from a larger nation this way, and you are bringing shame on Britain throughout the world.

I urge you to reconsider.

Yours sincerely,

Print it out and send it to:

The Rt. Hon. David Miliband MP
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street


The Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith MP
Home Office
Direct Communications Unit
2 Marsham Street

Fantom foto af mistænkt pyroman fra Australien

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Vi har modtaget et tip om en person, det australske politi eftersøger.

This is a Police photofit image of the alleged firebug wanted for questioning in relation to the Ivanhoe fire on 12/02/2009.

The man police think could help them with their enquiries is in his early to mid 20s, has a dark complexion, is approximately 180cm, and was seen wearing black pants, a black back pack, polo shirt and yellow sunglasses.

Anyone with any information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Tip: Dan Zaremba fra Australien

Se også: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25045028-661,00.html