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3 februar 2009

International SITA aktion til støtte for Geert Wilders‏

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Hi all,

 I am a French anti-allah soldier and I would like to exchange links with you. Are you willing to do so?

My blog: http://actionsita.com  anyway I put   https://hodja.wordpress.com/  in my links.

An other important website launching an international SITA action to support Geert Wilders at the time : http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/

If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin:

http://sitamnesty.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/i-support-democrat-geert-winston-wilders-against-islamic-fascism-and-its-dhimmis (Winston Eng)

(Charlie Eng)

Best regards,

An other point: all about SITA is explained in English in the SITA kit at this page http://planete-sita.bravehost.com/sitakit.html and we are launching an International SITA action
to support Geert Wilders. Could you relay our action by translating into Danish and publishing this message:

To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends owners of a website in order they publish it..

click for SITA kit

21 kommentarer »

  1. Arbejder lidt med formatteringen i ovenstående.


    Kommentar af Hodja — 3 februar 2009 @ 14:27

  2. Det ser fint ud !


    Kommentar af ManInBurka© — 3 februar 2009 @ 15:33

  3. Mon ikke også, der findes tyske blogge, der på samme måde vil slå et slag for friheden?



    Kommentar af falkeøje — 3 februar 2009 @ 15:52

  4. I disse tider er et internationalt samarbejde nærmest et must, se på venstrefløjens forbindelser i udlandet !


    Kommentar af Santor — 3 februar 2009 @ 19:23

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