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29 januar 2009

Undertiden kan AIDS gøre gavn.

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I Mecca – som ligger i Saudi-Barbarien – har man et poltikorps som sørger for dyden. Blandt andet…

saudgirlMecca: The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice and the Public Prosecution in Makkah are investigating the case of an Indonesian AIDS victim who was raped by 46 men, including one police officer, around a month ago. The woman, a 38-year-old maid, was initially raped at a backstreet rest house by a police officer. The woman was picked up by the officer after running away from her sponsor in the Nuzhah district late at night one month ago, Al-Watan newspaper reported. Forty-five other men then raped her over the course of the night and next day. The woman was then left on an empty road where another police patrol found her and took her to the King Faisal Hospital in the Al-Shishsha district of the city.

Subsequently, medical investigations showed that the woman was suffering from AIDS. She is still recovering in hospital, the daily said. Police raided the rest house and arrested a number of men who raped the woman. One of the men then supplied police with the names of his friends who also raped the woman.  Al-Watan newspaper also quoted a medical source as saying the suspects would have to wait at least six months to confirm whether they have AIDS, as symptoms only appear six months after the virus enters one’s body. The men have been released on bail while investigations continue.

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  1. Det ender vel med at den stakkels voldtagene kvinde bliver anklage for at sprede aids !!


    Kommentar af Santor — 29 januar 2009 @ 20:47

  2. Kommer også til dit land om føje år!


    Kommentar af Slyrgraff — 30 januar 2009 @ 14:25

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