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17 december 2008

Svenske ordner kan åbenbart ikke tildeles svenskere?

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Ifølge samlerstedet http://www.medal-medaille.com kan svenske ordner ikke tildels svenskere.

De eneste der kan tildeles ordner er udlændinge og statsløse.


White enamel ball-tipped Maltese cross with gilt Swedish crowns between the arms, on crown suspension; the face with a deep blue enamel central medallion bearing a five-pointed white enamel star with gilt outline and inscribed ‘NESCIT OCCASUM’ (It knows no decline); the reverse identical to the face; on original ribbon mounted for wear. The Order of created by King Fredrik I on 23 February 1748 to reward Swedish and foreign citizens for ‘civic merits, for devotion to duty, for science, literary, learned and useful works and for new and beneficial institutions’. Since the Swedish parliament passed a ludicrous law in 1974 that Swedish orders can no longer be conferred on Swedish citizens, the Order is now presented only to foreign citizen and ‘stateless persons’ (!) and the black ribbon has been replaced by one in the Swedish national colours of bright blue and yellow. A wonderful example in really superb condition.

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  1. Yes! Der er rigtigt – & sådan har det værret siden 1974.

    Et glimrende exempel til efterfølgelse.


    Kommentar af Seifon — 14 juni 2009 @ 10:27

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