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7 november 2008

Kulturberigende Bustur.

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Først voldtog han hende, siden skar han hovedet af rivalen og tog det så med i bussen.

london_busDaily Mail :This was the gruesome moment an illegal immigrant who murdered his neighbour was captured on bus CCTV carrying his victim’s head in a bag. Mohamed Boudjenane had murdered Lakhdar Ouyahia two days earlier, just hours after he had raped a Phillipino woman in his flat. The 45-year-old Algerian was obsessed with the woman and shaved off her hair after assaulting her. He then killed Mr Ouyahia after believing the pair were having an affair, a court heard.

He was captured on CCTV carrying the head of Mr Ouyahia in a plastic bag on a bus to the Regents Canal in Maida Vale, west London. Two days later the headless corpse was discovered wrapped in a duvet at the back of a supermarket near his home in Kilburn, north-west London. Boudjenane showed police where he had thrown the head in a canal and police divers recovered it from the water. But he claimed he had no memory of hitting Mr Ouyahia with a hammer and hacking off his head with a meat cleaver. The Old Bailey heard he met the 42 year-old Phillipino woman at a party a few months before the attack. She worked as a nanny in Oxford but on February 3 this year ran into him outside a newsagents in Kilburn, and reluctantly agreed to go to his flat.

He double locked the front door, tied her up with shoelaces and shaved off her hair, raping her twice. The court heard Boudjenane threatened to kill her by putting her in a tub of boiling water and also accused her of being a prostitute and having sex with ‘the man upstairs’ – Mr Ouyahia. But he let her go the next day after she repeatedly promised to become a Muslim to marry him.

He then went to Sainsbury’s at around 8pm to buy bleach, Dettol and a mop as he plotted to kill Mr Ouyahia and was next seen boarding a bus carrying a ‘head-shaped’ bag on February 5. The victim’s headless body was discovered by a member of the public at the back of Somerfield’s supermarket in Kingsgate Place on February 6 this year.

Boudjenan had a failed asylum bid in 1998 but remained in the country claiming benefits after his appeal was turned down, the court heard. Boudjenane was convicted of murder, two counts of rape and false imprisonment by an Old Bailey jury. Judge Christopher Moss QC jailed the Algerian for life, with a minimum term of 22 years.

Denne dommer bør omgående fyres. Han har åbenbart ikke forstået procedurerne i Fredens Religion™ og at Sharia’en fornylig er indført i UK (Ummah Khalifate).

I øvrigt mener… Michael Sandfort

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…at flere og flere kalder det ‘provokerende’, når politiet passer deres arbejde på Christiania og andre steder, hvor politiet ikke er velkomment.

Hvis den udvikling fortsætter, hvilket samfund får vi så?

Michael Sandfort; Ekstra Bladet 04.11.2008.

‘Snigende jihad’ af Robert Spencer

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5 millioner £ af skatteborgernes penge brugt på at forsvare terrorister

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MORE than £5million of taxpayers’ cash went on lawyers to defend terrorists led by Dhiren Barot, it emerged yesterday.

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Krise – hvilken krise?

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Turkish Premier Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turks should not worry about the global economic crisis and should try to have at least three children in their families.

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