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10 september 2008

Flot men mærkelig retorik

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Dette er IKKE Hodja

Dette er IKKE Hodja

Ved et møde i Virginia sagde Barack Obama, at McCains løfte om ændringer svarede til at give en gris læbestift på: Det ville stadig være en gris.

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Al-Jazeera fyrer medarbejder for at være hvid, kristen og kvinde

Miss Burgin, 49, told an employment tribunal that her Arab bosses had ‘publicly humiliated’ her and eventually sacked her for being a ‘white, Christian, British female’.

Launching a £1million compensation claim for race, sex and religious discrimination, Miss Burgin said the station’s deputy managing director Ibrahim Helal ‘harboured anti-Western sentiment’, could not relate to women and rolled his eyes whenever she spoke.

Mere på Daily Mail

Racisme? Ikke tale om – det er jo som bekendt kun hvide (mænd), der kan være racister.

Burka forbud i Holland – næsten

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Wearing a burqa is to be banned in the Netherlands at all schools whose pupils are underage children.

The ban will not however apply to high-schools (colleges) and universities.

Kulturel jihad eller apartheid i Tyrkiet

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As MEMRI’s Turkish blogreports (from August 26, 2008), the “fast disappearance” of restaurants in the important mountain resort of Uludag, is now being followed by another demand of Arab Muslim tourists to the region:

the reduction of the number of passengers per cable car from 40, to a maximum of 25. Safety concerns, perhaps? Hardly! Arab Muslim tourists are insisting (via their travel agents) that they not be placed in too close proximity to “foreigners,” i.e., non-Muslim kaffirs /infidels, lest they have “…any bodily contact with their women and girls.” To accommodate their Arab clients’ anti-infidel bigotry, the Turkish AKP governed Bursa municipality has begun to impose these changes, extending a cable car line to the area of the hotels, and also declaring that this new line will include both “VIP” and sex-segregated (read Islamic sexual apartheid) cars as well.

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Dagens griseri

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Hodja poserer

Dagens satire – øhhhhh

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Via LindaSoG

Snart i en skole i dit nabolag

Fra Bare Naked Islam

Anders & Lene skal til møde med Pia.

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