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8 juni 2008

Kan man sælge sand i Sahara?

Bombe-Margrethe’s venner fra Pakibumfuckistan tager på overflødig udflugt til Bryssel.

Margrethe-fanPakistan to ask EU to amend laws on freedom of expression. By Tahir Niaz

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will ask the European Union countries to amend laws regarding freedom of expression in order to prevent offensive incidents such as the printing of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the production of an anti-Islam film by a Dutch legislator, sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times on Saturday.

They said that a six-member high-level delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Law would leave Islamabad on Sunday (today) for the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and explain to the EU leadership the backlash against the blasphemous campaign in the name of freedom of expression.

The delegation, headed by an additional secretary of the Interior Ministry, will meet the leaders of the EU countries in a bid to convince them that the recent attack on the Danish Embassy in Pakistan could be a reaction against the blasphemous campaign, sources said.

They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out.

Sources said that the delegation would also hold discussions on inter-religious harmony during its meetings with the EU leaders.

Her på Hodjas Blog er vi godt klar over, at denne delegation og dens udflugt har et helt andet formål end at indføre censur i EU. De ved selvfølgelig godt, at censur forlængst er indført i form af den såkaldte “Framework Decision”, som specifikt forbyder enhver kritik af islam.  Kan hænde de har lagt mærke til, at EU risikerer at få en dansk “Capo di tutti Capi” og ikke er vildt begestrede for Anders Fup? – Han har jo ved en enkelt lejlighed trådt 5.987.654.321.777 muslimer lidt over tæerne ved ikke straks at gøre som forlangt.  Selv om han har forbedret sig gevaldigt siden da, er de nok mere trygge ved en anden ‘dansker’, nemlig fru Bombevestager, som aldrig nogensinde ville finde på at være udtilbens over for herrefolket. Vi er sikre på, at EUnukkerne vil bifalde valget. Hvad bliver hendes titel? – Vi er ikke så stive i sprog, men hvad med “Capa di tutti Capi”?


Her er den besked, som Per Stig Møller burde have givet en vis ambassadør:

ThorFra “The Antiidiotarian Rottweiler” – En dansk-amerikaner med ordet i sin magt:

We were too busy at the time to post about the pakiswiny bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad, yet another “peaceful and tolerant” response from the barbarian, savage beasts known as “muslims” to a bunch of drawings halfway across the world (”don’t you DARE suggest that we’re violent or we’ll KEEL you!”), but at least pakibumfuckistan’s ambassador to Denmark had the time to make some statements.

‘There is still a lot of dissatisfaction here about the cartoons, as well as the fact that the Danish government still has not condemned them or the people that were responsible for them. As long as that hasn’t happened, Denmark will be under the constant threat of militant muslims,’ Gunaranta said.

So, all the Danes have to do to no longer be under the threat of being bombed, beheaded and otherwise brutally murdered in the best traditions of the “religion of peace” is to abolish freedom of speech and severely punish the “offenders” for having dared voice their opinions, just like it’s done it those third world, turd-filled, loser cesspools called “countries” in the pisslamic part of the world?

We’ll be gracious and call this “analysis”, because surely you’re not blaming the Danes for being the victims of a bunch of medieval, pedophile-worshipping, simian loser troglodytes, mr. ambassador? Right?’

It isn’t just the people of Pakistan that feel they have been harassed by what your newspaper has begun,’ she said. ‘I’d like to know if your newspaper is satisfied with what it has done and what it has unleashed?’ [Emphasis ours — Emp. M.]

Oh well, I guess you are. We would suggest that our former countrymen round up this particular specimen of animal shitting up the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder, give it a proper Viking send-off and send its mutilated remains home to the turd bowl from which it came. With a note attached, saying: “We’d like to know if your government is satisfied with what it has unleashed through its inaction against ululating subhumans and appointment of their sympathizers and apologists as ambassadors?”

Of course that won’t happen, mainly because Danes, unlike the subhuman, primitive scum inhabiting the pisslamic world, aren’t uncivilized wild pigs led by a book written by a psychotic, pedophile illegitimate offspring of a sow by the name of “mohammed” but, at the same time, I would also like to point out that, as famously slow as the descendants of the Vikings are to anger, the more unpredictably scary they are if you do manage to push them across the line.

Think of it from the standpoint of physics (which, of course, mooselimbs are unable to since they haven’t gotten around to the concept of “science” yet, but nonetheless): The more potential energy you store in an object, as in, for example, the more revolutions of the crank you apply to the ballista that has a big, fucking, sharp spear sitting in it, the bigger a mess said object is going to make when it is finally released.

And you camel-humping sheetheads have been turning that crank for an awfully long fucking time. You think the Crusades were bad? Once you’ve finally pushed the civilized world far enough, you’ll find yourselves longing for the serene, safe and idyllic days of the Crusade.