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14 april 2008

The Soviet Story – aldrig vist på DDR2

A documentary film by a Latvian director that claims “the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust” will see its premiere April 9 at the European Parliament in Belgium.

The documentary, The Soviet Story, is directed by Edvīns Šnore, who spent 10 years gathering information and two years filming in several countries, according to the film’s Web site, sovietstory.com.

The English-language documentary runs 85 minutes. It is produced by Rīga-based SIA Labvakar.

Among those interviewed in the film are Western and Russian historians, as well as survivors of the Soviet Gulag.

The chief sponsor of the production is the conservative alliance Union for Europe of the Nations, whose members include four members of the European Parliament from Latvia, all members of For Fatherland and Freedom (Tēvzemei un Brīvībai / LNNK). Also supporting the film are the Rīga City Council and the magazine Tēvijas Sargs.

The premiere is scheduled at 18:00 hours April 9 in Room 5B001 in the PHS Building of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Filmens hjemmeside (OBS vil installere Quicktime – som jeg ikke kan fordrage).

Kreml er rasende på Letland over historisk film

5 kommentarer »

  1. “(OBS vil installere Quicktime – som jeg ikke kan fordrage)”

    – det kan jeg heller ikke – eller RealTime Player for den sags skyld. Så Pjort – prøv at søge på “Quicktime alternative” og “RealPlayer Alternative” – så vil du få installeret en udgave af MediaPlayer Classic med nogle små tilføjelser, så du uden problemer kan spille disse filer uden at installere spyware på din PC.


    Kommentar af Anna Lyttiger — 15 april 2008 @ 02:14

  2. OK – tak.


    Kommentar af Hodja — 15 april 2008 @ 12:13

  3. when will this be available in america?


    Kommentar af Lawson — 23 maj 2008 @ 01:34

  4. ->3: Can’t say – you might follow their website?


    Kommentar af Hodja — 23 maj 2008 @ 07:52

  5. This film is, unfortunately, is a bunch of propagandistic clishes and full of fraudulent statements…


    Kommentar af Egorka — 22 oktober 2008 @ 09:27

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