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14 april 2008

The Soviet Story – aldrig vist på DDR2

A documentary film by a Latvian director that claims “the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the Holocaust” will see its premiere April 9 at the European Parliament in Belgium.

The documentary, The Soviet Story, is directed by Edvīns Šnore, who spent 10 years gathering information and two years filming in several countries, according to the film’s Web site, sovietstory.com.

The English-language documentary runs 85 minutes. It is produced by Rīga-based SIA Labvakar.

Among those interviewed in the film are Western and Russian historians, as well as survivors of the Soviet Gulag.

The chief sponsor of the production is the conservative alliance Union for Europe of the Nations, whose members include four members of the European Parliament from Latvia, all members of For Fatherland and Freedom (Tēvzemei un Brīvībai / LNNK). Also supporting the film are the Rīga City Council and the magazine Tēvijas Sargs.

The premiere is scheduled at 18:00 hours April 9 in Room 5B001 in the PHS Building of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Filmens hjemmeside (OBS vil installere Quicktime – som jeg ikke kan fordrage).

Kreml er rasende på Letland over historisk film

FN er islams Gestapo

Nepotism, corruption, anti-Semitism and now censorship.

While the United Nations has disgraced itself over the years with sporadic eruptions of the first three negatives, it added another one last March 28 when its Human Rights Council passed a disturbing resolution that directs the body’s expert on free speech to report on “individuals and news media for negative comments on Islam.” In effect, the UN will now become the Islamic world’s censorship watchdog, snooping out undefined acts of Islamophobia around the globe.

Læs artiklen på Frontpage Magazine

Albanerne ‘høstede’ organer hos serbiske fanger

Serb prisoners had their internal organs removed and sold by ethnic Albanians during the Kosovo war, according to allegations in a new book by the world’s best known war crimes prosecutor.

  • Harry de Quetteville: Snippets from Carla Del Ponte’s book

    Carla Del Ponte, who stepped down in January as chief prosecutor at the Hague tribunal for crimes committed in the Balkan wars of the 1990s, said investigators found a house suspected of being a laboratory for the illegal trade.

  • Miss Del Ponte reports that the allegations were made by several sources, one of whom “personally made an organ delivery” to an Albanian airport for transport abroad, and “confirmed information directly gathered by the tribunal”.

    According to the sources, senior figures in the Kosovo Liberation Army were aware of the scheme, in which hundreds of young Serbs were allegedly taken by truck from Kosovo to northern Albania where their organs were removed. Miss Del Ponte provides grim details of the alleged organ harvesting, and of how some prisoners were sewn up after having kidneys removed.

    “The victims, deprived of a kidney, were then locked up again, inside the barracks, until the moment they were killed for other vital organs. In this way, the other prisoners were aware of the fate that awaited them, and according to the source, pleaded, terrified, to be killed immediately,” Miss Del Ponte writes.

    Mere på Telegraph

    Muslimske grupper besætter katolske kirker i Belgien og omdanner dem til moskeer

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    In the centre of Brussels, there is the beautiful Church of the Minimes .

    It contains a Chapel in the form of the Holy House of Loretto which was built at the same time as the Church. A house of low repute was demolished to make way for the Church and there used to be an inscription in the Church, “Where once stood a temple of Venus, now stands a shrine to Our Blessed Lady.” But now can it be said?

    “Where once stood a shrine to Our Blessed Lady, now stands a mosque”.


    Okkupationen af Europa skrider plansmæssigt fremad.


    Extremist ideas are being spread by Islamic study centres linked to British universities and backed by multi-million-pound donations from Saudi Arabia and Muslim organisations, a new report claims.

    Extremist ideas are being spread by Islamic study centres linked to British universities and backed by multi-million-pound donations from Saudi Arabia and Muslim organisations, a new report claims.

    Eight universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have accepted more than £233.5 million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995, with much of the money going to Islamic study centres, according to the report.

    The total sum, revealed by Anthony Glees, the director of Brunel University’s Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, amounts to the largest source of external funding to UK universities.

    Arab donors have argued that their gifts to academic institutions help to promote understanding between the West and the Islamic world. However, Prof Glees claims in his unpublished report that the propagation of one-sided views of Islam and the Middle East at universities amounts to anti-Western propaganda.

    Prof Glees attracted controversy in 2005 when he claimed that up to 48 universities had been infiltrated by fundamentalists and warned that the threat posed by radical groups should be “urgently addressed”.

    At a conference in London on Thursday, the Government is expected to call for the opening of more Islamic study centres at British universities. Last year, ministers declared Islamic studies a “strategically important subject” and put aside £1 million for the teaching of the subject, as part of a counter-radicalisation drive.

    Mere på Telegraph

    6 April 2008: Saudi prince gives Cambridge University £8m for Islamic studies centre

    Hvad er det, vi skal til at have i København? Som der var en, der skrev: Er årsagen til, at vi nu skal have aflæggere af islamiske universiteter i Danmark led i en hemmelig betaling for muhammed-krisen?

    Britisk mor giver multikulturen skylden for sin søns hjerneskade

    THE mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.

    Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism. She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.

    Her son, who was a pupil at Ridgeway comprehensive, near Swindon, was set upon by a 16-strong Asian gang, smashed on the skull by repeated blows from a claw hammer and left for dead. Last week 13 of the gang were convicted of charges relating to the attack.


    Og skolens personale? Feje skiderikker:

     In the immediate aftermath of the assault, neither the school’s headmaster, Steven Colledge, nor any of its 90 teachers visited the Webster family or even sent a get-well card.

    “If they had once said they were sorry, or asked how he was, it would have made all the difference. It is as if they want to sweep us and everything to do with us, under the carpet. Whatever was going on, Henry had absolutely nothing to do with it. He seems to have been picked on just because he is big and has ginger hair.”

    Og ‘pakierne’ – det kalder de sig selv: Mindst 13 mod en.

    In front of at least 250 school-children, the gang yelled: “That’s what you call Paki-bashing,” while punching the air.

    Teachers also declined to get involved when the Websters requested extra vigilance for their younger son, Joe, 12, who was anxious to continue at the Ridgeway with his friends. The younger boy was surrounded by a threatening gang of Bengali-speaking Asians a few weeks after the attack.

    Læs hele historien på Times Online

    Det kan ikke vare længe, før nogle briter eksploderer.

    Politisk korrekt britisk ordbog: ‘Asian’ = muslimer.

    Så har vi balladen igen – denne gang er det en dommerfløjte

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    Læs historien på Winds of Jihad


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    Autonome i angreb på underskriftindsamling

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    Et computerprogram er sat til at sabotere en underskriftindsamling imod et autonomhus i Københavns nordvestkvarter.

    Autonome, som er udset til at modtage et hus af Københavns Kommune, står formentlig bag.

    Mere på 180Grader

    Intet kneb er for usselt for de autonome.

    Dhimmi Carter møter svartelistede terrorister.

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    USAs eks-president og fredsprisvinner Jimmy Carter er nå på en rundreise i Asia og Midtøsten og hilser vennlig på politiske aktører som dagens president ikke vil ta i med ildtang.

    Mere på Dagbladet

    Jeg har lige fået dette link fra GG, der viser, hvad HamaSS’ planer med Israel er.

    Kulturberigelse i Norske retssale

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    Oslopolitiet er lei av å drive vakttjeneste i retten.

    Nå krever de at alle som skal besøke tinghusene i Oslo må gjennom sikkerhetskontroll ved inngangsdøren.

    Mere på Aftenposten

    Islam – what the West needs to know – full length – Engelsk

    Ny international krise på vej

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    Hollandsk skoleelev flasher sin penis ved Taj Mahal og lægger videoen på Youtube.

    Mere på EkstraBladet

    Er spørgsmålet bare, om der er pissoirer ved bygningen? Enhver kan jo blive trængende.

    Indvandring i Danmark skal styres bedre

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    DER ER I ØJEBLIKKET op imod en halv million fremmede i Danmark. I en tid, hvor det danske fødselstal falder uhyggeligt. Og hvor flertallet af de fremmede medbringer en kultur, der er fremmed og fjendtlig mod alt, hvad Danmark og det danske folk lever af og bygger på.

    Læs hele Søren Krarups debatindlæg her

    Folk er jo venlige.

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    “Fredsbrud” myrdet i Tyrkiet. Det lader til, at der er forskel på folk og “folk”…

    FredsbrudEn kvindelig, italiensk kunstner som blaffede til Mellemøsten – klædt ud som en hvid brud – for at fremme verdensfreden er blevet fundet myrdet i Tyrkiet.

    Den 33 årige Giuseppe Paqualino di Marineo’s lig blev fredag fundet i et krat nær byen Gebze.

    Hun havde sagt, at hun ønskede at vise sin “tillid til lokale befolkningers venlighed”

    Læs mere på “The BEEB

    Hat tip : Crusader Rabbit.

    8-årig pige søger om skilsmisse

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    En bare 8-årig pige har henvendt sig til retten for at få hjælp til at slippe ud af et tvangsægteskab med en 30 år gammel mand

    Læst her

    Hodja bragte historien den 12. dm og bliver nu bragt som nyhed den 14. i BT. “Nyheden” om pigen, som formentlig bliver stenet, er dog så fantastisk, at vi gerne tager den igen. Vi forsøger at følge op…

    Opdatering: Nu er Ekstrabladet også på banen

    Nogle politikere vil tilmelde os til organdonorregisteret fra fødslen

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    Helle Merete Brix i Berlingske

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    Helle Merete Brix bliver interviewet i Berlingske om sin ny bog »Mod mørket. Det muslimske Broderskab i Europa«

    Hun udtaler sig blandt andet om medierne: Politiken, Berlingske og DDR:

    “Og Danmarks Radio?

    »Det er en af hovedproblemerne herhjemme. Den gamle journaliststand i DR kan simpelthen ikke se virkeligheden i øjnene. Medierne synes ikke at forstå, at vi er i en eksistenskamp for vore grundværdier, og i stedet for at skildre jødehadet, kvindeundertrykkelsen og tyranniet så skal vi gang efter gang i TV-avisen, Deadline og kronikkerne debattere, om det nu var rigtigt at trykke de profettegninger, selv om alle normale danskere ved, at de islamiske organisationer blot udnytter hver eneste mulighed for at presse Vesten – uanset om det er profettegninger eller tilfældige kunstværker.«

    Så du ser de vestlige og altså også danske journalister generelt som alliancepartnere?

    »Ja, ikke i kraft af en bevidst handling, men fordi deres manglende erkendelse af faren gør dem til nutidens nyttige idioter.«

    Der er vel undtagelser?

    »Ja, det er der da, men redningen synes ikke at komme fra de etablerede medier men fra blogs. I USA spiller de en stadig større rolle og afdækker ting, som de politisk korrekte medier ikke tør røre ved. Også i Danmark kan man ikke længere klare sig uden blogs med gode links til andre nyhedsmedier, hvis man vil kende forholdene ude i verden.«”