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25 februar 2008

Og hvornår kommer kravet herhjemme?

MUSLIM university students want lectures to be rescheduled to fit in with prayer timetables and separate male and female eating and recreational areas established on Australian campuses.

International Muslim students, predominantly from Saudi Arabia, have asked universities in Melbourne to change class times so they can attend congregational prayers. They also want a female-only area for Muslim students to eat and relax.

But at least one institution has rejected their demands, arguing that the university is secular and it does not want to set a precedent for requests granted in the name of religious beliefs.

Læs mere på The Australian

Hvad vil studenter fra Saudi Arabien egentlig i Vesten – når de har så fantastiske forhold derhjemme?

Nyt terrorvåben: Graviditets proteser

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is reminding law-enforcement officials of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide, and warning that women terrorists might hide explosives in devices “that mimic the look of a pregnant woman.”

The unclassified DHS threat assessment, released Monday and obtained by NBC News, shows photographs of “pregnancy prosthetics,” hollowed-out devices that could hold explosive devices. The report says “female suicide bombers have used devices that make them appear pregnant to hide explosive devices.”

Mere på Deep Background

Nu kapitulerer vi.

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Islam’s svar på Bamse & Kylling : Danskerne bliver ædt af en lyserød kanin!

HamaSS – børnetime.

350-året for tabet af Skåne, Halland og Blekinge markeres

På tirsdag, den 26. februar, er det 350 år siden, Danmark måtte afgive den østlige del af landet, Skåne, Halland og Blekinge, til Sverige, efter at Carl X Gustav var gået over isen og truede med at erobre København og gøre hele Danmark til en del af Sverige.

Dansk-Skaansk Forening mindes begivenheden ved et offentligt arrangement foran Nationalmuseet i Vestergade ved skamstøtten for landsforræderen Corfitz Ulfeldt. Det foregår tirsdag den 26/2.

Hovedtaler er forfatteren Ole Hyltoft
Mød frem og vær med til at markere denne historiske begivenhed!

Tid & sted.

Tid:   Tirsdag d. 26. februar 2008 kl. 11,00
Sted: Foran hovedindgangen til Nationalmuseet fra Vestergade 

Med venlig hilsenDansk-Skaansk Forening

E-post: post@danskskaanskforening.dk

Hjemmeside: http://www.danskskaanskforening.dk

(Send gerne dette brev videre til andre interesserede).

Andrew Bostom om Kurt Westergaard og muhammed-krise v 2.0

The 57 Muslim Nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference are Trying to Impose Islamic Blasphemy Law—Which Includes the Death Penalty For Those Who “Blaspheme” the Muslim prophet Muhammad—as the Universal Standard

Early tuesday morning 12. feb. 08 “three men with a Muslim background” were arrested by Danish police on anti-terrorism charges, suspected of having plotted to murder Kurt Westergaard, a cartoonist for Jyllands-Posten.
Læs mere her.

Antisemitisme i Israel

In her native New York, Estee Nemeth was warned not to wear any visible symbols of Jewish or Israeli identity in the subway.

So she wore her Star of David inside her shirt. But she never dreamed that in Sderot, the Kassam-battered symbol of Israel’s struggle against terrorism, the chain around her neck and the patchwork Israeli flag she sewed on her day pack would get her into trouble.

Nizar Hassan er selvfølgelig en af Dansk-Palæstinensisk Venskabsforenings samarbejdspartnere.

De europæiske politikeres forræderi mod Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Først kom de efter Ayaan – hvem er den næste klokkerne ringer for?

Læs mere på IsraeleNews

Det stille jordskælv: Muslimer der forlader islam

Muslims in the West are uncritically taken by Islam. Yet, those who have firsthand experience of living with the sharia, think differently.

For 5 years now, I helped maintain a website for Indonesian Muslims leaving Islam by translating articles critical of Islam in English into Bahasa Indonesia.
Thanks to the internet, these articles made this ‘fastest growing religion’ look more like the ‘fastest sinking religion.’
By only shedding light on the real Islam, the Islam that Muslims in the West are able to conceal, the seeds of doubt in the minds of (Indonesian) Muslims have been planted.

Those who left Islam due to our site was after having read that, amongst others:

  • Muhammad at 53 consummated his marriage to a 9 year old,
  • Muhammad did NOT change women’s lives for the better,
  • Muhammad ordered to kill those who have left Islam, his critics & 800 unarmed Medinan Jews, involved in raids & demanded his share of the booty: and that his version of heaven would make any Amsterdam whorehouse madam blush.

The most effective clinch was when one of our contributors highlighted books written by prominent (so-called ‘moderate’) Muslims proving exactly our points : that Aisha WAS 9 years old when she was deflowered, that Islam’s heaven WAS about the promise of sex, that Jihad WAS about killing infidels & that prominent Muslims themselves are confused about which is the real Islam [and that from a religion which, above all, claims to be ‘clear & concise’].

Læs det hele på Islam Watch

Søren Krarup: Den 3. mand skal ud

Den 3. mand i mordkomplottet mod Kurt Westergaard skal udvises i henhold til indfødsretslovens paragraf 8a.

Den siger, at hvis man har begået ‘forsætligt svig, så kan man ved dom få frataget statsborgerskabet.’

En mand, der vil myrde en tegner fordi han har tegnet muhammed, har bevidst løjet i forhold til det løfte, han skulle aflægge for at få dansk statsborgerskab. Man lover troskab og loyalitet mod dansk lovgivning og kultur.

En sådan mand har begået svig siger Søren Krarup til Søndagsavisen 24. februar 2008.

Her må Marianne Jelved jo være fuldstændig enig med Søren Krarup, idet hun jo mener at:

“Et statsborgerskab er ikke noget man skalter og valter med.”


Læs hele artiklen på Søndagsavisen

Det stemmer ikke med, hvad de fortæller den ene gang efter den anden

3 ud af 4 amerikanske moskeer prædiker anti-vestlig jihadisme og had.

An undercover survey of more than 100 mosques and Islamic schools in America has exposed widespread radicalism, including the alarming finding that 3 in 4 Islamic centers are hotbeds of anti-Western extremism, WND has learned.

The Mapping Sharia in America Project, sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, has trained former counterintelligence and counterterrorism agents from the FBI, CIA and U.S. military, who are skilled in Arabic and Urdu, to conduct undercover reconnaissance at some 2,300 mosques and Islamic centers and schools across the country.

“So far of 100 mapped, 75 should be on a watchlist,” an official familiar with the project said.

Many of the Islamic centers are operating under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian government and U.S. front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood based in Egypt.

Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official who runs the Center for Security Policy, says the results of the survey have not yet been published. But he confirmed that “the vast majority” are inciting insurrection and jihad through sermons by Saudi-trained imams and anti-Western literature, videos and textbooks.

Mere på WorldNetDaily via Jihadwatch

Vi hører den ene gang efter den anden, at USA’s muslimer er så og så velintegrerede. Det her er vel et skud for boven for den teori. Og som sædvanlig er der Saudierne, der står bag. Og som sædvanlig er USA’s regering ikke interesseret i problemet.

Hodjas blog har flere gange skrevet om, hvordan højstående amerikanske politikere – inklusive Bill Clinton – har solgt sig selv til araberne.

Denne bog har advaret om dette i flere år. Problemet er meget større, end der angives her.

Den sultne flodhest

OVERWEIGHT preacher of hate Abu Hamza has given prison officials a list of demands after telling his lawyer: “I’m starving in here.”

Hamza, 49, who weighs about 20 stone, has told jail chiefs he wants more and better food, extra phone time and an end to constant strip searches.

Mere på Daily Express

Lad os lave vores egne raketter

A new Facebook group is urging Sderot residents to use the Internet to learn how to build crude rockets, much like the Kassams launched at them from the Gaza Strip, and fire them back at the Palestinians.

The group’s creators, Shai and Batya Messenberg from Petah Tikva, posted a description that reads:

“It cannot be so difficult: If those retards from the Gaza Strip can do it then so can you.”

The message goes on to say that Sderot residents can also do their part in cutting off the flow of Israeli electricity to the Gaza Strip, “even if the High Court of Justice won’t allow it,” by finding someone with a tractor who is willing to drive into nearby electrical poles.

The Gaza Strip receives 70 percent of its electricity from Israel, the vast majority of which is produced at the Rotenberg Power station in Ashkelon.

The new group joins about 50 other Facebook groups in support of Sderot, such as Save Sderot, Stop the Kassam rockets in Sderot, Light a candle with Sderot, I stand w/Sderot, From 90210 to Sderot, Children of Sderot, Skate for Sderot, and For the residents of other towns in the western Negev not waiting for the next Kassam (this group is planning to ask every radio station in the country to simultaneously play the Color Red alarm – the one heard in Sderot when Kassam rockets are fired from Gaza – to increase awareness of Sderot’s plight).

Mere på Jerusalem Post via LindaSoG

Hver fjerde nydansker vil ud af Danmark

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Unge nydanskere føler sig utrygge.

For hver fjerde er det så slemt, at de nærer et ønske om at forlade landet, viser en ny undersøgelse.

Dømt til døden på 4 minutter uden forsvarer eller beviser

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23-åringen ble arrestert i oktober etter at han lastet ned en rapport om islam og kvinners rettigheter fra et iransk nettsted, i forbindelse med journaliststudiene ved universitetet i Mazar.

Etter at The Independent begynte å skrive om saken i januar, har den vekket internasjonal oppsikt. Nærmere 90 000 har signert avisas underskriftskampanje for å få Sayed frigitt, og en rekke vestlige myndigheter har begynt å engasjere seg i saken.

Mere på Dagbladet

Øhhhhhhh – hvad er det lige de muslimske lande kan lære os om demokrati, jura og menneskerettigheder – jeg spørger bare?

Så kan de godt

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Det sterke signalementet er politiets sterkeste kort i jakten på mannen som skal ha voldtatt en kvinne i en trappeoppgang i Kristiansand i helgen.

Mere på VG

Andre gange, hvor man også kunne forstille sig et ‘stærkt signalement’ – ja så kan de slet ikke.

Get out of my car

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Skulle lige teste, at man kan lægge .wmv filer op

Tip: Tove

Georghine Sandhi

Koranens slavinder

Klik for flere billeder


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Raketangreb som hævn for tegninger

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Palæstinensisk oprørsgruppe bruger Muhammed-tegninger som begrundelse for nyt misilangreb på Israel. Israel ruster sig til demonstration i Gaza.

Læs mere på JP

DDR har en næsten tilsvarende historie

Undskyld Muhammed

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Set på facebook kl. 14:41

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