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29 december 2007

Just because a Muslim has a pretty face, it doesn’t make her a moderate.

Bhutto, in the end, was really no different than Musharraf (though far less strong a leader and incapable of being the tough dictator necessary for that country), and–even had she won the election and ruled the country–could afford to be no different.


And she was no different. Not long after 9/11, she made the rounds on Sunday political TV shows (including NBC’s “Meet the Press”), uttering the same extremist platitudes against Israel and the Jews to even the amazement of the hosts (including Tim Russert). Ditto for her repeated pronouncements justifying and defending Palestinian homicide bombings against innocent civilians. Today’s events were a bit of karma for Ms. Bhutto.

An Arafat-fan, Bhutto and her criminal husband were largely kept people by the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates. They owed the Gulf States, big-time. Not only was her husband was a crook, but she, in many other ways, was a fraud.

Læs mere om Bhutto hos Debbie Schlussel

Og på Jihad Watch: Bhutto “champion of moderate face of Islam”?

Og fra The New York Times 1998: Tracing the Bhutto Millions — A special report.; Bhutto Clan Leaves Trail of Corruption


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  1. Bhutto was a socialist educated in the U.S. at Radcliffe and harvard. She got her masters at Cambridge. She was a Western-cultivated tool for Western interest advancement. She used her supposed “Muslim” credentials to garner support in Pakistan. She was martyred to give the U.S. the sympathy and support they need for an invasion or to instill a proxy-leader.


    Kommentar af johnnypeepers — 29 december 2007 @ 20:00

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