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29 december 2007

‘Der var ingen forbindelse mellem Saddam Hussein og Al-Qaeda’

Babil, Saddam Hussein regimets officielle avis skriver den 16. November, 2002 i en artikel at “Abd-al-Karim Muhammad Aswad, var forbindelsesofficeren til Osama bin Laden”.


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Årets politiker i Holland sammenligner Koranen med ‘Mein Kampf’

Geert Wilders, who compares the Koran to Mein Kampf, has been named the Netherlands’ politician of the year in a poll run by public broadcaster NOS.


The NOS poll naming him politician of the year combined votes from the public and those of the parliamentary press corps. Mr Wilders, who denies being racist, usually says the press is biased against him.

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Just because a Muslim has a pretty face, it doesn’t make her a moderate.

Bhutto, in the end, was really no different than Musharraf (though far less strong a leader and incapable of being the tough dictator necessary for that country), and–even had she won the election and ruled the country–could afford to be no different.


And she was no different. Not long after 9/11, she made the rounds on Sunday political TV shows (including NBC’s “Meet the Press”), uttering the same extremist platitudes against Israel and the Jews to even the amazement of the hosts (including Tim Russert). Ditto for her repeated pronouncements justifying and defending Palestinian homicide bombings against innocent civilians. Today’s events were a bit of karma for Ms. Bhutto.

An Arafat-fan, Bhutto and her criminal husband were largely kept people by the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates. They owed the Gulf States, big-time. Not only was her husband was a crook, but she, in many other ways, was a fraud.

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Officiel prostitution fra statsoverhoveder

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Flere egyptiske parlamentsmedlemmer kritiserer Frankrigs præsident, Nicolas Sarkozy, for at dele hotelværelse med den tidligere supermodel Carla Bruni under en ferie i Egypten.

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Six mosques have been officially recognized in the Flanders region in northern Belgium, local media reported Saturday.

The recognized mosques will now receive state subsidies and imams will also get a wage from the public purse.

The Kuwait News Agency that reports this is delighted over so much stupidity. There is no report about any churches or synagogues in Kuwait or any other Islamic country being financed by Muslims.

Curious, isn’t it?

Glædelig Eid

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The abused woman Nazia, lying on her hospital bed and uncertain about her future, told that her husband, twice her age, had suspicions about her behavior.

She added ‘I swore to him many times that I was faithful to him but he did not believed. He used to beat me. A few days before Eid, he shaved my head and beat me severely. On the first day of the Eid, he cut my ears, then my nose, then damaged my teeth and beat me until my hands and legs were broken. I was second wife of Mumtaz. The first wife was already killed by him’ she added with a flow of tears from her eyes.

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1939 vs 2006



The Crossing Game Trailer

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Oscar Peterson R.I.P.

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Oscar Peterson på piano, Ray Brown & Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen begge på bas: “You Look Good To Me” – Montreux Jazz Festival, 1977.