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18 december 2007

Om ‘profetens’ ytringsfrihed

Muslim chronicler Baihaki records (in Proof of Prophecy) Muhammad’s disciple Amru ibn al-Aas’s testimony of Quraysh leaders’ discussion about Muhammad one day:

“Never have we had to tolerate from anyone what we have had to tolerate from this man. He slanders our fathers, criticizes our religions and divides our people, and blasphemes our gods. Such grievous things have we tolerated from this man…” The Prophet who was nearby and hearing this conversation, he responded, “Men of Quraysh! I will surely repay you for this with interest.”


Muhammad had killed the freedom of expression of the highly tolerant Arab society, save his own, 14 centuries ago. After his death, Muslims have killed freedom of expression of others wherever they have gone. Like their refugee Prophet in Medina, the supersensitive and intolerant Muslim refugees are successfully undermining the freedom of expression at every step in Western countries―the only frontier which allows it by law today.

Læs hele artiklen på IslamWatch

Ud fra dette lyder det som om, det var en fornøjelse for ‘profeten’ muhammed at forhåne, spotte og latterliggøre andre folks religioner og guder.

Hvor er det lige, vi har hørt det før???


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