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17 december 2007

Follow the money – jihad med finanser

Læs denne interessante artikel på Australian Islamist Monitor om finansiel jihad.

“The article notes western blindness ..’ hoards of American bankers will later this month convene at New York’s Islamic Finance Summit at the Helmsley (Oct. 29-30, 2007) — which will focus on “Innovations in Sharia compliant Finance.”

And concludes….

Osama bin Laden called on Muslims ““to concentrate on hitting the U.S. economy through all possible means,” going on to say “Look for the key pillars of the U.S. economy. Strike the key pillars of the enemy again and again ..
The pending NASDAQ acquisition, purchases of over 52 percent of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and 47.6-percent of OMX (Nordic exchange), and the vigorous expansion of sharia finance, all steadily implement al Banna’s plan to spread and ultimately impose sharia worldwide.  The Islamic new international economic world order is coming…   —– Alyssa A. Lappen, a senior fellow at ACD co-authored this article. Posted by Rachel Ehrenfeld on October 13, 2007 at 06:39 |

Utterly terrifying particularly when our banks, businesses, institutions and governments are all involved in favouring Muslims/Islam and setting up an Islamic apartheid world with sharia even in our own countries.   We are in desperate need of strong leaders who fight for our society and culture or will the battle be left to the people in the street who will not become a subjugated group or join the perverted sadism, intolerance and totalitarianism of Islam?   Western banks who join in are helping to strip our children’s and grandchildren’s freedom, equality and safety! 

NO SHARIA!  Stop using oil from the Islamic world!”

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