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29 oktober 2007

Og islamiseringen af Belgien skrider planmæssigt fremad

The situation in Belgium does not differ significantly from the situation in other Western European countries, except for the fact that it might be worse here than elsewhere because Belgium is an artificial state without a national identity to defend.

Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is confronted with welfare immigration. Most immigrants in Belgium are Muslims from Morocco. There is also a significant number of Turkish immigrants. 

Læs rapporten af Filip Dewinter på Islam Watch

Rystende læsning:

“By this concentration politics, radical Muslims are deliberately creating Muslim enclaves in our cities, who isolate themselves from our society. This ghetto strategy stimulates the white flight of the indigenous people out of the neighbourhoods and cities. These neighbourhoods are used as a bridgeheads of the radical Islam to conquer the city as a whole. If the evolution persists, cities like Antwerp en Brussels in Belgium, but also Marseille and Lille in France, Birmingham and Bradford in the United Kingdom and Stuttgart en Frankfurt in Germany risk to become Islamic cities in a few decades.

One may wonder how this is going to end up if Belgian policies don’t change? The Flemish islamologist professor Urbain Vermeulen is very clear about this: “In thirty to forty years the region ranging from the North of France Lille – Roubaix – Tourcoing to Amsterdam will be one Islamic enclave. Flanders and Brussels lay in the centre of it. In twenty years Brussels will be the largest Maghreban city outside of the Maghreb. (…) Our society will be destabilised. Muslims will continue to launch problem after problem, increase o their demands and they will determine the public life. This may be the end of the mainly European civilisation”. My party will do its very best to prevent that this dark scenario becomes reality.”


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